entertained by jugglers and comedians.
The tradition of the celebrations in Český
Krumlov has gone unbroken since the
days of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
The festival is held at the beginning
of summer.
The Seidel Photo Studio Museum
is an exceptional cultural landmark
with a unique archive of photographs
of the local population from the turn
of the 20th century. The historically
preserved interiors and furnishings
from 1905 will acquaint visitors
with the daily lives of the studio’s
last owners.
The Egon Schiele Art Centre
presents changing exhibitions
with the main attraction being
a permanent exhibition of works
by the Austrian Expressionist
Egon Schiele. Let yourself be inspired
by Český Krumlov, just like Schiele,
who relocated here fromVienna
in 1910. His lifestyle and his nudes
of underage girls provoked
so much animosity that he soon had
to leave the city.
GPS: 48°48‘51.510“N, 14°19‘4.419“E
173 km; 2 hours 25 minutes.
Connections from the Main
Railway Station leave every two hours,
with a change in České Budějovice;
journey time 3 hours 40minutes.
Direct connections from
the Florenc Bus Station
and the Na Knížecí bus depot
(adjacent to the Anděl metro station)
leave several times a day; journey
time around 3 hours.
IV–X (daily except Monday)
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Český Krumlov is one of the most
beautiful Renaissance cities in Europe
and, after Prague Castle, it is the second
most visited place in the country.
Just a stroll through the historic city
centre with its unparalleled medieval
atmosphere will leave no doubt why
Český Krumlov is one of the pearls
on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The dominant feature of the city is
a chateau with a six-storey tower which
is richly decorated with sgraffiti. From
here, you will have one of the most
beautiful views of the picturesque old
town. Among the most noteworthy
sights at the chateau are the St. George
Chapel, the Masquerade Hall and the
bridge connecting the Upper Castle with
the gardens and chateau theatre. After
visiting the best-preserved Baroque
theatre in Europe, be sure not to miss
the chateau garden with its cascading
fountain. The garden is dominated by
the fresco-decorated Bellarie Summer
Palace, which along with the park
becomes a backdrop for a revolving
outdoor amphitheatre.
The highlight of the cultural season
is the annual Český Krumlov
International Music Festival.
On the other bank of the river Vltava,
which is connected with the chateau by
a small bridge, is the old town, where
you will find the splendid architecture
of original town houses, the soaring
Church of St. Vitus with the tomb of the
Rožmberk (Rosenberg) family, and rustic
medieval taverns and pubs.
Reason to visit
During the Celebrations of the Five-
Petalled Rose, the city comes alive with
jousting tournaments, craft markets,
music and a historical procession.
You will encounter characters in the role
of Rožmberk family members and be
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