If you are going to Bohemian
Paradise for a ramble through nature,
it is best to start in Turnov. From there,
you will set off to the southeast
on a scenic rocky path through
the Hrubá Skála area. The entire trip
is within 2 km of a railway, so it’s up
to you how far to walk. From Turnov,
follow the red hiking trail. First visit
the picturesque Valdštejn rock castle,
and then continue on an undemanding
walk up to the Hrubá Skála Chateau.
It is certainly worthwhile to keep
following the red trail all the way
to the Trosky castle ruin, which
is 15 kilometres from Turnov.
If you want to bring back a traditional
and valuable piece of jewellery from
the Czech Republic, then it should
be made of Bohemian garnets.
At the Garnet Gallery in Turnov,
you can learn all about the history
of mining garnets and the production
of jewellery in the region. Other high-
quality souvenirs from your travels
through Bohemian Paradise
are jewellery from traditional glass
beads and the glass figurines typical
of this region.
GPS: 50°35‘20.337“N, 15°9‘10.926“E
91 km; 1 hour.
Direct connections from the Main
Railway Station to Turnov leave fairly
often; journey time 2 hours.
Direct connections from the
Florenc or Černý Most bus station
to Turnov leave fairly often;
journey time 1 hour 30minutes.
For centuries, Bohemian Paradise (Český
ráj) has attracted artists, writers and
romantics of all kinds. Discover the
unique harmony of bizarre rock towns,
deep pine forests, and majestic castles
and chateaux – and lose yourself for
a while in the rock mazes of Bohemian
Paradise, a UNESCO Geopark!
The sandstone rock towns and mazes
of Bohemian Paradise will thrill
you with countless passageways between
the rocks. You will squeeze through
narrow crevices between rocks and climb
up from inside them to be rewarded with
marvellous views. You will find the best
vista in the Hrubá Skála rock town from
the Marian Lookout. It offers magnificent
views of Ještěd Mountain and
particularly of the Hrubá Skála Chateau
and the ruins of Trosky Castle.
Thanks to the effects of natural forces,
today you can admire the abundance
of igneous rocks which form the
dominant feature of the landscape.
Enjoy amazing views from
the Kozákov lookout tower, from
the ruins of Trosky Castle, or from
the top of Zebín Hill.
Reason to visit
Bohemian Paradise is not only about
the beauty of nature but also an array
of castles and chateaux. Directly atop the
rocks is the elegant Hrubá Skála Chateau,
where you can stay and enjoy the beauty
of Bohemian Paradise right from your
own room. Another attraction is the
impressive ruins of Trosky Castle, which
stands on two volcanic plugs and is an
unmistakable landmark of the region.
The silhouette of its two towers – called
Baba and Panna (Crone and Maiden) –
made it a destination for tormented poets
and painters in the Romantic period.
Also worth a visit are the impregnable
castle Kost and the romantic Sychrov
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