Each year in this place we reiterate
the mission of the Czech Tourism
agency: to promote the Czech
Republic as an ideal tourist
destination for foreign and domestic
visitors. Looking back at 2012, we
can acknowledge that we have
fulfilled our mission. Statistics
show that the number of foreigners
who visited the Czech Republic
last year was the highest in the
agency’s history. What is even more
important, Czechs themselves
reinvigorated domestic tourism in
Can you briefly sum up the Czech
Republic’s accomplishments in the
tourism sector?
We saw the most significant boom in
arrivals in the first quarter of 2012.
Among others, Russian tourists came
to the Czech Republic at that time to
celebrate the orthodox Christmas holi-
days. Aside from Russian and German
visitors, the number of tourists from
remote markets also increased, in par-
ticular from China (+34 per cent), South
Korea (+33 per cent) and the United
States (+17 per cent). In response to the
growing potential of the Chinese mar-
ket we plan to open a foreign office in
Shanghai. We have also stepped up our
marketing activities in Brazil due to its
expanding market. To put the facts in
figures: last year foreign tourists spent
CZK 137.8 billion in the Czech Republic,
and revenues from tourism increased by
CZK 2.1 billion, compared to 2011. We
are very pleased with these results.
Quality improvement, domestic
tourism development and new
communication trends pose more
challenges for the agency.
Yes, the agency has participated in
a variety of EU-funded projects focused,
for instance, on the quality of services
provided by information centres (ATIC)
and on training pertaining to the travel
sector. A survey “Collecting Informa-
tion – Domestic Tourism” conducted
last summer documented an increase
in medium-term holidays of Czechs
in their home country and a stronger
trend to seek active holidays. One of the
most important findings of the survey is
growing customer satisfaction with ser-
vices in regions. In addition, respond-
ents cited personal recommendation as
the most frequent incentive for visiting
specific sites and the internet as the key
source of information about the selected
destination. CzechTourism also actively
promotes domestic tourism through the
Tips for Trips (“Kudy z nudy”) website
that scored a phenomenal success last
year in terms of the number of visitors.
As a result, SOCIALBAKERS ranked it
the eighth most popular media brand
judged by its impact on public opinion
on Facebook. This success reaffirms the
agency’s goal to keep up with technol-
ogy development and employ new kinds
and styles of communication tools.
Can we say that CzechTourism has
been changing?
Absolutely. Last year we started off
a series of changes with the aim to
redefine the agency’s position as the
leader in the tourism industry. Our
objective is to become the trendsetter in
the industry development in the com-
ing years. For this purpose, in late 2012
we gave the green light to preparations
for setting up a Czech Tourism Insti-
tute that will be gathering statistical
data, analyses, trends and reports from
foreign markets and monitoring new
opportunities for bolstering the tourism
potential in regions.
The end of the year was marked by fin-
ishing work on the agency’s new visual
style that will be gradually introduced
in all its activities both at home and, in
particular, abroad. The new visual style
and the Czech Republic tourism brand
was designed by the Czech design studio
Marvil, the winner of a rigorous tender.
In the years to come, Czech Tourist
Authority – CzechTourism aspires to
rank among modern and successful
organizations that keep track of and
follow current trends. I believe the new,
uniform visual style, new marketing
events and hard work of all employees
help open the door for us into 2013, the
year when the agency marks the twenti-
eth anniversary since its founding.
by theManaging
2012 saw the greatest tourism
boom over the past 20 years.
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