paign, this time targeted at domestic
6) IOP – Support for Tourism
Product Design and Marketing in
is a project that contributed
to publishing a manual for designing
tourism products in regions. It aims to
reinvigorate interest in the destination
Czech Republic, extend the tourist
season and improve the quality and
range of products that regions offer
to both domestic and foreign tourists.
The project comprises events related
to design, cultural experience and vin-
tage car races. Demand for these prod-
ucts will be boosted with a marketing
campaign conducted in the neighbour-
ing countries.
7) IOP – Marketing Support for
M.I.C.E. Services in the Czech
is based on a marketing
campaign and a series of promotional
side events with the objective of pre-
senting convention and incentive ser-
vices in the Czech Republic and making
them more attractive for Czech and
foreign procurement officers. These
tools are intended to help develop the
8) IOP - Rating of the Quality of
Services Provided in Selected
Tourism Sectors
is focused on
a comprehensive assessment of the
quality of accommodation services
across the Czech Republic. The project
aims to ensure comparable and cred-
ible information about the quality of
accommodation services that would
be utilizable for service providers and
customers alike.
9) OP HRE – Development of
Qualifications and Competencies
of Employees in Tourism
aims to
enable employers and employees in
tourism to expand and acquire new
professional competencies, skills and
This objective will be achieved
through training activities targeted
at providers of accommodation and
catering services, travel agencies and
offices, tour guides, employees of
tourist information centres, opera-
tors of sports facilities and fitness
centres and providers of other services
pertaining to personal and physical
With regard to the different needs and
levels of expertise and competencies,
the training activities are tailored
specifically to rank-and-file employees
and middle and senior management.
Only persons working outside Prague
are eligible for taking part in the pro-
ject, which is primarily designed for
micro, small and medium enterprises.
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