26 Operational Programmes of the Czech Ministry of Regional Development and the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
CzechTourism has engaged in
preparations and implementation
of eight projects announced by the
Ministry of Regional Development
within the scope of the Integrated
Operational Programme (IOP),
and one project within the scope
of the Operational Programme
Human Resources and Employment
(OP HRE) announced by the Ministry
of Labour and Social Affairs.
The tourism-related projects are imple-
mented in conjunction with the govern-
ment-approved National Tourism Policy
Concept for the period 2007-2013.
The adopted and approved projects
are prepared and implemented in
close cooperation with the Centre for
Regional Development of the Czech
Republic, the IOP Managing Author-
ity, the Tourism Division and Budget
Division of the Ministry of Regional
Development, and also with partners
for specific projects.
1) IOP – Deployment of the
National Tourism Information
aims to unify all web pres-
entations of the Czech Republic into
one website. Visitors will find current
and relevant information about every
region. The project implementation
utilizes the latest trends in social
media, extended reality, etc.
2) IOP – Monitoring of Foreign
Visitors to the Czech Republic
analyses travellers’ profiles and
behaviour of (also potential) visitors
and their perception of the Czech
Republic as a tourist destination. The
project comprises assessing the effec-
tiveness of the agency’s advertising
campaigns in foreign markets across
Europe and worldwide.
3) IOP – Collecting Information
– Domestic Tourism – Czech
aims to define profiles of
Czech visitors to tourist regions of the
Czech Republic, their preferences and
decision processes. Furthermore, the
project surveys travellers’ satisfac-
tion with the tourism offers of specific
4) IOP – Rebranding and Market-
ing Support for Inbound Tourism
resulted in a new visual design of the
Czech Republic destination brand and
the CzechTourism corporate brand.
The winning concept is based on
a playful and story design and utilizes
understandable and articulate princi-
ples of communication with tourists
and the agency’s partners. The uniform
visual style led to changing all used
communication tools from advertising
and publications to trade fair exhibi-
tions to web pages and newsletters.
The communication contents were
also innovated. The Czech Republic is
presented as the land of stories worth
discovering and experiencing.
5) IOP – Marketing Mix to Pro-
mote Domestic Tourism
aims to
increase the attractiveness of leisure
activities in the Czech Republic and
enhance the positive perception of the
domestic tourism offer. It is the first
DT project focusing on coordination
of activities designed for operators
of tourist facilities and end consum-
ers. The project also develops the
“Czech Republic - the Land of Stories”
concept that is the cornerstone of
a marketing and communication cam-
Operational Programmes
of theCzechMinistry of
Regional Development
and theCzechMinistry of
Labour andSocial Affairs
Project name
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
IOP – Deployment of the National Tourism Information Portal
IOP – Monitoring of Foreign Visitors to the Czech Republic
IOP – Collecting Information – Domestic Tourism – Czech Republic
IOP – Rebranding and Marketing Support for Inbound Tourism
IOP – Marketing Mix to Promote Domestic Tourism
IOP – Support for Tourism Product Design and Marketing in Czech Regions
IOP – Marketing Support for M.I.C.E. Services in the Czech Republic
IOP – Rating of the Quality of Services Provided in Selected Tourist Sectors
OP HRE – Development of Qualifications and Competencies of Employees
in Tourism in the Czech Republic
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