Marketing Campaigns
A campaign targeted at the association
meetings market was launched in 2012
in collaboration with CAT Publications.
The campaign comprised a year-long
online presentation posted on the
prominent website for services pro-
As in previous years, CzechTourism
– Czech Convention Bureau in 2012
again published a new
Czech Con-
vention Catalogue
, containing the
most complete list of conference venues
in the Czech Republic.
Candidacy Campaigns
Within the Candidacy Campaigns
programme, CzechTourism actively
participated in 36 campaigns designed
to attract conventions to the Czech
Republic. A major success was an
award-winning campaign conducted
in collaboration with the PCO com-
pany Czech-In for the XXVI IUGG
conference (the International Union
of Geodesy and Geophysics) with an
anticipated attendance of some 5 thou-
sand participants. The conference,
scheduled to take place from 22 June to
1 July 2015 in Prague, will be the long-
est conference in Czech history.
The MICE Report Awards 2012
In 2012, the Czech Convention Bureau
received a prestigious award from
MICE Report in the Best Convention
Bureau category. The winner was
selected by a jury composed of profes-
sionals on the basis of nominations
submitted by the magazine readers
who represent M.I.C.E. clients. MICE
Report is a well-respected periodical in
the travel industry which awards best
European organizations in this field
Prague ranks fourteenth among
global convention destinations
Prague hosted 98 major conferences
in 2012, which ranks it fourteenth in
the world, together with Copenhagen.
Vienna retained its number one posi-
tion. In the overall statistics, the Czech
Republic placed thirty-first. A total of
122 large-scale events took place in the
CR in 2011.
Growth in convention tourism
in 2012 – according to Czech
Statistical Office’s statistics
2012 data of the Czech Statistical
Office show that convention tourism
increased by a record 11% in 2012 com-
pared to 2009 and by 7.25% compared
to 2011. The number of participants
also grew by 21% compared to 2009
and by 11% year-on-year. The majority
of events took place in four-star hotels.
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