24 Czech Convention Bureau
The mission of the Czech
Convention Bureau (CCB) is to
promote the Czech Republic in the
convention and incentive tourism
segments, both in domestic and
foreign markets. The CCB closely
cooperates with regional offices
and serves as an umbrella for their
work, thus contributing to maximum
utilization of the convention
potential of the Czech Republic.
Convention and incentive tourism
(also known as M.I.C.E.) ranks among
the most profitable forms of tourism.
Statistics of the International Congress
and Convention Association (ICCA)
put the average expenses per delegate
per meeting at more than USD 2,600,
which is triple the amount spent by
a common tourist.
In contrast to individual travel, con-
gress tourism brings more persons in
a single package and its seasonality
differs. In addition, organizing major
M.I.C.E. events improves the prestige
and image of the pertinent destination
as an important business and cultural
centre. Depending on the field of the
convention, the role of the destination
as the centre of international business,
trade, scientific research, education
or technology is enhanced as well. The
congress industry may also serve as
an incentive for boosting investments
in local businesses operating in the
transport and hotel industries and
infrastructure in general.
Key Markets
a) traditional: Czech Republic, Ger-
many, Poland, Russia, the United
Kingdom, the United States, France,
Italy, Slovakia, Scandinavia
b) new with major potential: China,
Latin America (Brazil) and India
The CCB uses for promoting the Czech
Republic as a convention and incen-
tive destination a variety of market-
ing tools, with the key focus on B2B
events, such as trade fairs, workshops,
road shows, etc. These events aim to
increase the awareness of convention
potential in the Czech Republic among
industry professionals and, at the same
time, help Czech companies present
their offerings to their foreign counter-
parts and make important contacts.
B2B Presentation
The CCB organized five workshops and
one road show in 2012. The events took
place in the United Kingdom (Lon-
don), China (Beijing), and Scandinavia
(Copenhagen and Stockholm). Within
the scope of the “Marketing Support
for M.I.C.E. Services in the Czech
Republic” project, which is part of the
Integrated Operational Programme,
workshops were held in the United
States (New York), Germany (Berlin)
and France (Paris).
Furthermore, last year CzechTourism
presented the Czech Republic’s M.I.C.E.
offering at six foreign trade fairs, among
them major events such as IMEX
(22–24 May, 2012) held in Frankfurt
am Main, and EIBTM (27–29 Novem-
ber, 2012) in Barcelona.
M.I.C.E. Fam and Press Trips
The Bureau organizes sightseeing trips
for journalists and services procure-
ment officers from the ranks of asso-
ciations and corporate clientele across
the Czech Republic. The objective of
the fam/press trips is to introduce
M.I.C.E. professionals to the Czech
Republic as a suitable location for
convention, corporate and incentive
events. Participants in the trips met
up with Czech service providers; the
meetings were organized to facilitate
establishing working contacts.
In 2012, CzechTourism – Czech Con-
vention Bureau organized or co-organ-
ized eight press and fam trips. One of
the significant and tangible results of
the press trip arranged for the World
Federation of Travel Journalists and
Writers (FIJET) representatives was
presenting the prestigious award The
Golden Apple to the city of Český
Convention Bureau
Statistics put the
average expenses per
delegate per meeting
of convention and
incentive tourism
at more than
USD 2,600.
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