22 Surveys, Trends, Innovations
CzechTourism is an important
source of information about the
current development of the travel
industry in the Czech Republic
and around the globe, key inbound
tourism markets and segments
and trends in travel and tourism.
The gathered data is used by the
agency and is made available for
both professionals and the general
Key Projects of
the Research
and Analyses
in 2012
Segmentation of Domestic Travel
and Tourism
The survey was aimed at identifying
key segments of demand in the domes-
tic tourism market, consumer prefer-
ences in specific segments, travellers’
habits and methods of selecting their
Important findings:
– Friends’ recommendations play
a crucial role in selecting holiday
destinations, followed by searching
the internet;
– The same sources are employed when
seeking more detailed information
about the selected holidays. Espe-
cially online information is an indis-
pensable source of information;
– The most active segment in tourism,
so-called “active monument seekers”,
account for 8% of all holidaymakers;
• They visit monuments and sites of
all kinds, such as nature attractions
and technical curiosities;
• Their income and expenses are
above the average;
• The frequency of their trips is also
higher, mostly they make weekend
or extended-weekend trips.
– Other major segments comprise ath-
letes, spa visitors and passive monu-
ment seekers.
Monitoring of Visitors through
Residual Data of Mobile Operators
The survey aimed to use a unique,
innovative method for monitoring
of visitor flows in 45 locations in the
Czech Republic. The monitoring pro-
cess was launched in April 2012 and
enabled the agency to gather detailed
data about the number of both domes-
tic and foreign visitors in selected
locations on each particular day of
the monitored period. The selected
locations were grouped according to
their type into UNESCO sites, Moun-
tain locations, Spa resorts and Other
(castles, chateaus, nature attractions,
EDEN destinations).
Important findings:
• UNESCO sites are most popular
among domestic visitors, whereby for-
eign travellers slightly prefer spas.
• Visits by domestic tourists are mostly
planned for the weekend only, unlike
foreigners’ trips. This applies espe-
cially for mountain locations.
• Visitors to Czech mountains mostly
comprise Germans, Poles, Dutch
tourists and Austrians. Germans and
visitors from remote destinations
(notably Asian) prevail among travel-
lers to UNESCO sites.
• Besides the high summer season,
arrivals from foreign countries
increase significantly also at the end
of December, to all types of locations.
Source: CzechTourism
Trends and
CzechTourism has been monitoring
new trends in domestic and interna-
tional tourism on an ongoing basis.
The data obtained from monitoring
consumer behaviour of specific target
groups and new segments are utilized
in the agency’s operations. Currently
there are three key areas:
– Film tourism;
– Mobile travel application;
– New tourism products.
Surveys, Trends,
Visits by locality (%)
domestic foreign
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