for the industry professionals in the
Czech Republic (C.O.T. media).
CzechTourism’s Media Projects
– TV weekly show and website “Tou-
lavá kamera” (Wandering Camera),
and TV holiday series “Toulavá kam-
era vychutnává Česko” (Wandering
Camera Tastes the Czech Republic)
for Czech Television. Collaboration
on the contents and storylines of the
shows and their linking to Czech-
Tourism’s travel products.
– TV Metropol + TV 5 biweekly show
“Kam z Prahy” (Where to Go from
Prague) directed by CzechTourism
(guests, projects, tourist attrac-
tions and destinations in the Czech
– Czech Radio Two, “Výlety” (Trips)
– live broadcasts from the ORBIS
media centre + live broadcasts
from Czech regions (85 radio pro-
– Radiožurnál – evening and Saturday
travel reports (600 cuts in travel
radio shows). Technical Monuments,
UNESCO Sites and Czech Spas radio
– Czech Radio Hradec Králové – holi-
day competition “Kudy z nudy” (Tips
for Trips).
– Impuls – CzechTourism’s self-
promotion, support for marketing
projects, Tips and Suggestions pro-
gramme, Tips for the Weekend pro-
gramme, media coverage of travel
– In 2012, the press department pub-
lished 96 press releases and 39 PR
articles translated into seven lan-
– Twelve newsletters featuring cur-
rent information about regional and
industry events were distributed
among the Czech general public.
– In addition, ten foreign newsletters
in eight languages were distributed.
– The outcome of monitoring the press
was 2,405 pieces put out in Czech
media in 2012.
The ORBIS media centre run by
serves for holding
press conferences, lectures, work-
shops and for showing exhibitions
and organizing gastronomic tastings
and discussions. It is also used for live
radio and TV broadcasts and public
recordings and performances.
Events organized in the media centre
in 2012 comprised:
– 12 exhibitions;
– 2nd Glass Art Festival (workshops,
presentations, glass and fashion
jewellery display);
– 44 press conferences and jour fixes;
– 8 Czech Radio live broadcasts;
– 2 juries of Tourmap and Tourfilm
In 2012, a total of
7,845 media outputs
in 38 countries
worldwide were
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