20 Communication with Industry Professionals
Press and Fam
Trips for Foreign
To boost inbound tourism, CzechTour-
ism has actively collaborated with
foreign journalists and tour operators,
both via foreign offices and centrally.
In 2012, CzechTourism organized
press and fam trips for a total of 704
journalists and tour operators, of
which 11 were television crews.
We organized seven thematic group
1. Taste the Czech Republic
2. UNESCO historical heritage
3. Czech design & fashion
4. Advent – Christmas traditions and
5. In the footsteps of films
6. Religious Sights
7. Trip for bloggers
The major event of the year was
a group fam trip ENJOY the Czech
Republic 2012, in which 30 tour opera-
tors from across the world partici-
One press trip and one fam trip were
organized to support golf tourism.
Invitations to visit a Czech spa town
were accepted by tour operators and
journalist from Ukraine and a Kuwaiti
TV crew.
The most popular destinations were
Prague, Karlovy Vary, Český Krumlov,
Kutná Hora, Lednice – Valtice area
and Plzeň. Most industry profession-
als arrived from the United Kingdom,
Germany, Italy, Sweden, Russia, the
United States, Ukraine and the Neth-
CzechTourism keeps monitoring for-
eign media coverage. In 2012, a total
of 7,845 media outputs in 38 countries
worldwide were recorded; CzechTourism
directly contributed to 4,664 of them.
with Czech
Eight regional press and fam trips
were organized for Czech travel agen-
cies and journalists in 2012.
Before the start of the season, Czech-
Tourism organized the eighth series
Seminars for travel and tour-
ism professionals.
The agency
prepared the event in collaboration
with individual regions of the Czech
Republic. In the course of four semi-
nars, 17 tourist regions presented their
offerings to the participating travel
agents, tour operators, tour guides,
and other entities.
In collaboration with the National
Heritage Institute (NPU) and the
Association of Czech Travel Agents
(ACK ČR), a series of four
tations featuring monuments
listed by the National Heritage
was organized. Representa-
tives of travel operators and agencies
learned a great deal of useful infor-
mation about new products, winter
opening hours of sites under NPU
administration and possibilities of
their commercial use.
In November, the second
Forum conference
took place in
Pardubice, attended by a number of
Czech and foreign tourism and travel
experts. The main objective of the con-
ference was to present current trends
in the travel industry and point out new
ways of using the potential of domestic
regions in promotion of travel opportu-
nities in the Czech Republic.
Keynote speakers at the conference
were John Kester of UNWTO and
Dr. Ian Yeoman of the European Tour-
ism Future Institute, who introduced
their visions of future travelling
through 2030 and 2050, respectively.
Press Department
In 2012, the agency strived to carry
on or establish collaboration with
regional, social and nation-wide print
and electronic media (radio, television
and internet). These activities were
pursued via active communication
with domestic and foreign journalists,
writing press releases and PR articles,
distributing foreign and Czech news-
letters, holding press conferences and
advertising in a variety of periodicals,
The focal point of the foregoing activi-
ties was collaboration with public
media, Czech Radio and Czech Televi-
sion, and also with the nation-wide
radio station Impuls boasting the
highest number of listeners in the
country, nation-wide print media,
including dailies Mladá Fronta Dnes,
Právo, Deník (Vltava Labe Press),
and numerous specialized periodicals
with Industry
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