CzechTourism communicates
with regions through regional
coordinators who pass information
on to destination managements
and other travel & tourism entities.
Cooperation with regions takes
place within the scope of specific
marketing activities (campaigns,
web, editions, trade fairs, etc.).
Regions participate to a great extent
in formulating the contents of
individual campaigns.
The agency organized
13 regional
in the period from mid-
2011 to August 2012. The conferences
are designed to involve all entities
active in the tourist industry in the
particular region. Experience and
impulses gained at regional confer-
ences served as a basis for precise
targeting of CzechTourism’s marketing
activities (e.g. for devising marketing
strategies and drawing up marketing
plans). They were also utilized in some
of the agency’s projects implemented
within the scope of the Integrated
Operational Programme.
In the summer of 2012, regional con-
ferences were followed by a
of regional workshops,
primarily by coordinators and destina-
tion management representatives. The
seminars were held in connection with
the agency’s compilation of a Manual
for Designing Tourism Products within
the scope of the Integrated Operational
Programme – “Support for Tourism
Product Design and Marketing in
Tourist Information Centres (TICs)
In collaboration with the Czech Min-
istry of Regional Development and the
Association of Tourist Information
Centres, in 2012 CzechTourism was
involved in the preparation of an offi-
cial document and standards of Unified
certification of tourist information cen-
tres of the Czech Republic (hereinafter
“JKTIC”). Since 2013, this project has
linked key certification systems of the
TIC segment in the Czech Republic.
Based on the Memorandum of Col-
laboration in TIC signed on 11 October
2012, CzechTourism will conduct TIC
market surveys within the JKTIC sys-
tem aimed at the quality of services
– so-called mystery shopping. The first
large-scale survey of this type was suc-
cessfully completed in the territory of
the Czech Republic in 2012. Its main
objective was to identify grave short-
comings related to TIC operation. The
results of the survey were relayed to
individual TICs and destination man-
agements and will be used for schedul-
ing training activities in the pertinent
segment. In the coming years, these
surveys will be conducted on the basis
of requests filed by certified TICs as
one of the bonuses of the JKTIC once it
is completed.
CzechTourism operates two informa-
tion centres in Prague - on Vinohrad-
ská street and in the Old Town Square.
Both centres’ objective is to help visi-
tors find routes to Czech regions and
get oriented in the tourist offerings of
the capital. In addition to providing
services to travellers, the Old Town
Square IC also organizes interesting
events featuring regional attractions,
such as presentations, workshops and
exhibitions. The centre served more
than 130,000 tourists in 2012.
EDEN Competition
Since 2009 CzechTourism has coor-
dinated the EDEN (European Des-
tinations of ExcelleNce) project of
the European Commission aimed at
supporting sustainable tourism across
all EU member states. Unlike the
previous years, the focus of 2012 was
not the competition for a new excel-
lent destination, but promotion of the
winners and finalists from the years
2009–2011. From May to September,
CzechTourism ran an integrated mar-
keting campaign to highlight ten travel
destinations (Slovácko region, Bystřice
region, Czech Switzerland, Žatec
region, Orlické Mountains and adjacent
region, Králický Sněžník, Sázava River
region, Labe River region, Rakovník
region and Kahan microregion).
The agency
organized 13 regional
conferences in the
period frommid-2011
to August 2012.
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