Tips for Trips - kudyznudy.cz
become the top website in its category
over the eight years of its existence.
Tips for Trips offers comprehensive
information for every traveller. Visitors
to the web can find inspiring tips for
trips around the Czech Republic and
get actively involved in events through
social networks.
The website also serves CzechTour-
ism for helping the travel business
community promote their offerings.
A major upgrade of the website carried
out in 2012 brought new opportunities
for web users and for the entities pre-
sented on its web pages.
Tips for Trips is designed to promote
the Czech travel industry and is cur-
rently the largest source of infor-
mation about domestic tourism. It
advertises free of charge for the tour
operators over 12 thousand tips for
leisure activities, events and trips.
Demand for travel information grows
significantly in high season when
the number of visitors to the website
climbs to some 700 thousand. Statis-
tical comparison of similar tourism
websites ranks
among the top five. On Facebook, Tips
for Trips has attracted more than 100
thousand fans.
features tourism
information about the Czech Republic
for foreign visitors. It is available in
seven language versions. In line with
the agency’s new marketing strategy,
the website was completely redesigned
at the turn of 2012/2013 and its pages
now present the Czech Republic as
Europe’s prominent sightseeing des-
tination. The website features specific
products and entices travellers not just
by listing isolated sites, but through
spinning stories of cities, personali-
ties, architecture and landscape.
provides infor-
mation for industry professionals
about CzechTourism’s operations in
the Czech Republic and worldwide.
It describes all marketing activities,
communication strategies and pro-
jects implemented by the agency, as
well as projects in which the agency
has participated. Furthermore, the
website brings interesting information
about new products, trends and analy-
ses from the travel sector.
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CzechTourism administers several websites; each is designed for a different target group:
– support for domestic tourism
– support for incoming tourism
– information for Czech professionals
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