16 Promotional Tools
Trade Fairs
In 2012, CzechTourism organized the
Czech Republic’s official participa-
tion at 24 travel & tourism trade fairs
focused on leisure and B2B clientele.
The agency staged formal exhibitions at
21 trade fairs, whereby a shell scheme
was used at three events.
In addition, the agency organized some
other trade fairs and presentations
featuring specific products, such as
golf, M.I.C.E. and spas. As regards the
spa industry, a 15-day campaign was
conducted at the CzechTourism infor-
mation centre located in the Old Town
Square, where 15 spa companies were
presented along with a variety of side
The trade fairs and presentations
were selected in line with CzechTour-
ism’s marketing strategy. They took
place in destinations that play a major
role in inbound tourism to the Czech
Republic, and also in countries with
a solid growth potential in this respect.
CzechTourism participated in some
of the events (e.g. Encontro Commer-
cial Braztoa and ITB Asia Singapore)
within the V4 platform together with
other member countries.
Exhibition Design 2012
Exhibition design 2012 placed an
emphasis on the promotion of national
products, i.e. cultural heritage and
municipalities, adventure and active
holidays, including golf and spas. Each
side of the exhibition featured one of
these products. Participating exhibitors
were arranged in thematic groups.
In 2012, 15 promotional publications
were produced, with a total print run
of 490,000 copies, in 12 language ver-
sions. CzechTourism continued the
publication activity in collaboration
with regional and destination man-
agement organizations; some titles
are the result of such partnerships.
Selected publications (e.g. catalogues
of golf courses, winter resorts, accom-
modation facilities and campsites in
the Czech Republic) were produced
in multilingual versions. One booklet
(golf courses catalogue) was also issued
as a CD.
The visual aspect of printed materials
was substantially altered in the second
half of 2012. The publications were
the first tools for which CzechTourism
applied a new visual style. However,
three different formats still form the
backbone of the editorial plan: image
(210x285mm), catalogue (105x150mm)
and a combination of image and practi-
cal information (176x250mm). Printed
promotional materials and CDs were
distributed through foreign offices, at
travel & tourism trade fairs and in col-
laboration with many other organiza-
tions that present themselves abroad.
The Editions department began to
build an in-house photo bank in 2012.
A database with 250 quality photo-
graphs has been created to date for
the purposes of CzechTourism’s pres-
entation of the Czech Republic. The
in-house photo bank will be further
enlarged in the coming year.
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