14 Activities in Foreign Markets
the Czech Republic. This collaboration
resulted in four new pages in the win-
ter and summer catalogues featuring
Czech mountains and dozens of media
outputs. Some 1,600 package active
tours sold in the first year.
A M.I.C.E. workshop along with a press
conference took place at Beijing’s
renowned hotel St. Regis on 11 Novem-
ber 2012. It was attended by 47 media
representatives and all of them pro-
duced reports on the event. In addition,
120 VIP guests from the travel industry
and media participated in the follow-
ing banquet. Specific projects were
arranged during a workshop organized
for groups of 200 and 80 participants.
The tour operators’ response to and
media coverage of the event reverber-
ated for several months.
Southern Bohemia was featured at
a presentation organized in Russia.
A fam trip was arranged for HK KHL
Avtomobilist Yekatenrinburg function-
aries to seek possibilities of training
stays of KHL hockey players in the
Czech Republic. Following successful
negotiations, the cities of Hluboká and
České Budějovice hosted training ses-
sions. It contributed to a positive image
of Southern Bohemia and had a direct
financial benefit in the amount of over
CZK 3 million.
In December, 35 tour operators and
journalists participated in a workshop
“Fabulous Southern Bohemia and
Magical Šumava Mountains”. After
the workshop, an evening festive
meeting was organized for 60 guests
from the ranks of travel business and
the press.
Latin America
In 2012, six Mexican cities hosted
a series of events targeted at some
1,500 representatives of travel agencies
and tour operators:
• Monterrey – presentation for
150 travel agents, trade show booth,
• Guadalajara – presentation for
50 travel agents, trade show booth,
• Leon – presentation for 50 travel
agents, trade show booth,
• Mexico City – presentation for
50 travel agents, trade show booth,
• Pueblo – presentation for 120 travel
agents, trade show booth,
• Merida – presentation for 180 travel
agents, trade show booth.
Cooperation of
the Visegrad
Four Countries in
Remote Markets
Joint activities of national tourism
authorities of the Visegrad Four (V4)
countries were carried out under the
auspices of the Czech Republic from
1 July 2011 for the duration of one year.
In 2012, Taiwan was newly added to
traditional sources of inbound travel-
lers, such as the United States, Russia,
Japan, Brazil, India and China.
In a wide variety of promotional tools,
the key focus in 2012 was on presenta-
tions for professionals and media in
the target markets. These comprised
study trips, advertising campaigns and
online tools such as e-learning, e-sem-
inars, blog and a presentation spot for
industry professionals. On the website
, Russian,
Chinese and Japanese versions were
In total, the “European Quartet” organ-
ized 7 study trips, 6 road shows, 2 trade
fairs, 9 workshops and presentations.
All activities of the European Quartet,
including statistics of inbound tour-
ism from target markets and profiles
of member states, are summed up in
the booklet “European Quartet Facts &
Figures”, published by CzechTourism in
December 2012.
In terms of products, a joint marketing
campaign centred on both traditional
and new travel themes – Central Euro-
pean cities, culture and history, UNE-
SCO sites, spa and medical tourism,
active tourism and adventure holidays.
The campaign comprised collaboration
with foreign incoming agencies, media
advertising and activities targeted
directly at travellers. Furthermore,
the project fostered collaboration of
national tourism authorities with home
travel organizations. Altogether, the
Central European countries contrib-
uted to the joint campaign nearly EUR
400 thousand in 2012.
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