12 Activities in Foreign Markets
in ForeignMarkets
In 2012, CzechTourism operated a total
of 24 foreign offices worldwide, of
which 20 were first-level and four were
second-level. Foreign offices in Buda-
pest and New Delhi, India, closed down
in the course of the year. Conversely,
preparations were being made to open
two new offices, one in Los Angeles,
USA, and the other in Shanghai, China.
The primary goal of CzechTourism’s
foreign offices across the globe is to
promote the Czech Republic as the
ideal tourist destination. To achieve
this goal, the foreign offices collabo-
rate with foreign tour operators, brief
foreign journalists on the Czech travel
offerings, and conduct marketing cam-
paigns aimed at shaping up consumer
behaviour. The foreign offices employ
a broad range of marketing tools, such
as presentations, workshops and fam
trips, in addition to holding press con-
ferences, disseminating press releases
and organizing press trips. They pre-
pare online and offline marketing cam-
paigns and take part in trade fairs.
Foreign offices’ operations are moni-
tored and assessed with a key focus on
the effectiveness of marketing activi-
An overview of the most significant
2012 events follows.
Campaigns and B2C Events
On the occasion of the upcoming
Prague International Marathon,
a media campaign was aired on ABC
Punto radio (440 thousand listeners
daily) from February to May 2012.
The campaign comprised thematic
advertising spots featuring the Czech
Republic, interviews broadcast from
the Prague studio (PIM), and a micro-
site on
for viewing videos
and photographs. Twitter and Facebook
social networks were also engaged.
The advertising value equivalent (AVE)
of the airtime exceeded twenty times
the initial investment in the campaign
(AVE amounted to CZK 2.3 million).
A presentation of the winter season
in the Czech Republic was organ-
ized for the sixth time at the Galeria
Dominikańska shopping centre in Wro-
claw, attended by 19 Czech partners,
predominantly from the private sector.
Recurrent participation of the majority
of partners testified to the success of
the event.
A joint online campaign with Travel-
link and Czech Airlines was launched
in Denmark and Sweden in the
autumn, aimed at promoting Prague at
Christmas. Part of the campaign was
a banner with a special offer and link
to a microsite, a newsletter mailed to
255 thousand recipients, and a contest
for a holiday in Prague. The outcome of
the contest was 5 thousand new recipi-
ents added to the B2C database. The
campaign resulted in an above-average
CTR rate and a high number of unique
visitors to the microsite.
United Kingdom
An untraditional marketing event took
place during the Summer Olympic
Games in London. More than 75 thou-
sand visitors dropped by a Czech
exhibition stand. Aside from providing
tourist information services, Czech-
Tourism prepared side events in the
form of an interactive site where all
visitors could make themselves a sou-
venir photo with the CzechTourism
logo referring to the agency’s website.
The photo could be printed, emailed,
posted on Facebook or tweeted.
Three exclusive PR projects were suc-
cessfully completed in Germany. Due
to a press trip arranged with the Die
Zeit daily, 525,571 copies of the Guide
Prague were published with AVE
surpassing CZK 7.5 million. Three
journalists were involved in the pro-
ject – a hotel reviewer, a food reviewer,
and an interviewer who conducted
interviews with Jaroslav Rudiš, Tomáš
Sedláček and singer Marta Jandová.
A press trip to Karlovy Vary within the
International Film Festival, with seven
media representatives participating,
was also a great success. The published
articles generated AVE in excess of
CZK 12.5 million. In collaboration with
the Karlovy Vary region, a 45-minute
programme was made featuring the
Czech spa city, which aired on the pub-
lic German-French TV channel ARTE.
In 2012,
operated a total of
24 foreign offices
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