Promotional Events
An integrated marketing campaign ran
from August to December 2012, pro-
moting inbound and domestic tourism
under the name “Czech Republic – the
place for your story”. The campaign
was launched in print and electronic
media in Germany, Poland, the United
Kingdom, Italy, France, Russia and
the Czech Republic. Its main points of
focus were UNESCO monuments, spa
and medical tourism, sports and active
holidays. The campaign garnered
a total of 207,000,000 impressions,
1,142,000 clicks, and 170,000 text mes-
An advertising campaign took place at
the Prague Ruzyně airport (renamed
to Václav Havel Airport Prague as of
5 October 2012) from March to the
end of the year. The campaign fea-
tured mega boards, boards, CLVs and
dynamic lights with the aim to coax
foreign visitors to come back to the
Czech Republic and, at the same time,
present a variety of tourist sites.
Another promotional event took place
in Slovakia in late 2012. A total of 199
CLV panels communicated messages
featuring winter holidays in the CR,
gastronomy, UNESCO sites and spas.
The campaign targeted top earners
who are likely to seek more extensive
travelling. A billboard campaign ran in
parallel in the cities of Bratislava and
Košice (360 billboards in total).
In the Czech Republic, several audio-
visual campaigns were conducted,
focused on mass transit passengers and
patients at medical facilities in major
regional cities. Another campaign was
launched in cooperation with Student
Agency (exterior display advertising
on buses, TV spots aired on buses for
passengers, advertising, distribution
of leaflets on bus seats), running from
June to December 2012.
An advertising
campaign took place
at the Václav Havel
Airport fromMarch
to the end of the
year. The aim of the
campaign was to
coax foreign visitors
to come back to the
Czech Republic.
Václav Havel
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