10 Targets and Strategies
foreign and Czech customers. In 2012,
seven spa workshops were held in tra-
ditional source countries, including
Russia, Ukraine and Arab countries
– Oman, Kuwait and the United Arab
CzechTourism staged an exhibition
devoted purely to the spa industry
at the regional tourism fair Reisen
& Caravan in Erfurt, Germany; two
presentations took place at shopping
centres in Bratislava and Zwickau. At
CzechTourism’s invitation, tour opera-
tors and journalists from Ukraine came
to visit Czech spas, as well as a Kuwaiti
TV crew.
Promotion of the spa industry con-
tinued also in the domestic market.
Three presentations were organized at
shopping centres in Prague, Brno and
Ostrava. In addition, a first-ever pres-
entation of selected spa companies took
place at the CzechTourism information
centre in Prague’s Old Town Square.
In November, the agency supported
a Spa Conference organized by the
Association of Spas in Karlovy Vary,
and two seminars took place separately
in Třeboň in June and in Kynžvart in
An independent PPC campaign was
launched in 2012 with the aim to
promote medical tourism. Using the
Google browser, target groups in this
segment were addressed in Germany,
Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakh-
stan, the United Kingdom, and in Arab
countries (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar).
Sports and Active Holidays
Promotion of the Sports and active
holidays product was part of an inte-
grated marketing campaign conducted
in particular in Germany, Poland and
the Czech Republic.
CzechTourism was a partner of the
best-known cross-country skiing com-
petition Jizerská 50, as well as annual
running competitions Prague Interna-
tional Marathon and RunCzech.
In collaboration with the Cable Trans-
port Association and Sitour, Czech-
Tourism published a brochure Ski Cen-
tres. Another printed material titled
Campsites was published in collabora-
tion with the Association of Camping
Sites of the Czech Republic. Both pub-
lications were distributed at travel &
tourism trade fairs in the Czech Repub-
lic and abroad. In addition, the Golf
Guide booklet was reprinted and its CD
reissued in 2012.
Golf-related activities and events held
in 2012 comprised CzechTourism’s
participation in Nordea Scandinavian
Masters in Stockholm, International
Golf Travel Market 2012 in Algarve,
and golf tourism presentation in Hel-
A commercial made in 2012 promoted
active holidays under the slogan Holi-
days You Will Like, highlighting oppor-
tunities for sporting activities in the
Czech Republic.
Czech Republic – the Place for Your Story
An integrated marketing campaign for promotion of both inbound and domestic tourism was conducted from
August to December 2012 under the name “Czech Republic – the Place for Your Story”.
A commercial
promoting active
holidays in the
Czech Republic.
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Česká republika.Místopro vášpříběh.
Lednicko-valtický areál– vítěznýoblouk
Česká republika.Místopro vášpříběh.
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