The key marketing priorities defined
by CzechTourism for 2012 were met
in the course of the year.
One of them was devising and
approval of a medium-term tour-
ism marketing
strategy for 2013–
2020. The document defines a future
strategy of CzechTourism in respect
of promoted products, tools, markets,
public announcements, etc. This con-
cept has a fundamental impact on the
operation of the agency’s foreign offices
since the new marketing plan affects
all divisions.
Another important task was
tion rebranding
and implementation
of the agency’s new visual style, as well
approval of new marketing pro-
jects funded by the EU.
Furthermore, the product line was nar-
rowed down in that cultural heritage
became our primary product. Online
communication was targeted at higher-
income visitors and was incorporated
in integrated campaigns. We fostered
partner marketing in regions within
the scope of business partnerships
(Czech Airlines, Prague Airport, etc.).
We adopted measures to streamline
foreign offices’ activities. We drew up
specific plans for market research (con-
cerning managers’ needs, partners’ sat-
isfaction, tourism news, etc.) and inno-
vative projects (location placement,
mobile applications, etc.). We prepared
a product manual and a concept of
a national information website.
The project of the Czech Republic’s
destination rebranding and the related
positioning of the CR as a country of
stories have been instrumental in the
marketing strategy implementation.
Marvil graphic studio’s progressive
design was selected in a tender, based
on the playful logo Czech Republic
Czech Republike. This solution builds
upon online communication as the
primary mode of communication for
potential visitors to the Czech Republic
and allows for narrating the stories in
a present-day form.
In 2012, CzechTourism’s activities cen-
tred on the development of the follow-
ing products and topics:
• cultural heritage (municipalities,
monuments, history), lifestyle
(gastronomy, social events), non-
traditional tourism (new trends in the
travel industry, etc.);
• sports and active holidays (summer
and winter holidays, golf);
• spas, wellness and medical tourism;
• convention and incentive tourism
(more in the chapter Czech Conven-
tion Bureau).
The themes of the products are
reflected in the agency’s marketing
campaigns at home as well as abroad
and in all presentation events (work-
shops, presentations, seminars, trade
fairs, exhibitions). In implementing
specific thematic and regional projects,
the pertinent department collaborates
with representatives of tourist organi-
zations, professional associations and
Cultural Heritage
The agency readily used the new des-
tination brand to develop a variation
of the “Czech Republic – the place
for your story” theme. The campaign
marked the anniversary of putting the
first three Czech cultural monuments
on the UNESCO World Heritage list
and featured a gastronomic theme
within the scope of the Czech Specials
Germany’s project Die Burgenstrasse/
Castle Road, supported by CzechTour-
ism, continued in 2012 in developing
further collaboration with the Czech
partner. As early as in 1990s, the tour-
ist trail was extended over the border
to the Czech Republic, via Western
Bohemia to Prague. As a result, the
project has become one of the corner-
stones of incoming tourism and the
Czech Landscape sub-product designed
for Czech travellers.
Czech Specials
Czech Specials is a joint project of the
The Czech Association of Hotels and
Restaurants, the Association of Chefs
and Confectioners of the Czech Repub-
lic and CzechTourism. The project aims
to introduce Czech regions to foreign
and domestic travellers through local
culinary art. Part of the project is certi-
fication of restaurants and hotels which
serve national dishes and local special-
ties reflecting the respective region’s
traditions. At the end of 2012, 360 res-
taurants were certified under the Czech
Specials brand.
Spa Industry
Promotion of the spa industry is
focused on three segments – cura-
tive spa treatment, wellness tourism
and medical tourism, targeted at both
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