A rich program for your summer and winter vacations alike
If you prefer to spend your free time on the go, then
North Bohemia is just the right place for your vacation.
The landscape here is strongly influenced by the Krušné,
Jizera and Lužice mountain ranges. The local
are a real gem of natural beauty. The Bohemian
Switzerland National Park and the romantic landscape
of Bohemian Paradise offer up plenty of breathtaking
scenery. Whether you come to explore on bicycle, skis,
or just with a backpack, you are in for some great
Switzerland in Bohemia?
The story of the area known as
Bohemian Switzerland
began many millions of years ago when it was
covered by a shallow sea; from this sandy bottom,
a wondrous world of sandstone was born. This is
a world of rock towers, bridges, and gates, a world of
quaint stone formations reminiscent of honeycombs
and hourglasses. Its unspoiled natural beauty and
mysterious gorges create a unique charm that’s easy to
fall in love with.
Take a walk along Gabrielle’s Trail leading from the
settlement of Mezní Louka to the famous
, the largest natural rock gate in Europe.
Did you know…
…the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is part of
the Elbe Sandstone Protected Area, known as Bohemia-
Saxon Switzerland for the past two hundred years? The
name is accredited to two Swiss painters whom this
landscape reminded of their beautiful home country.
The mysteries of romantic Trosky Castle
These bizarre gothic castle ruins are the symbol of Bohemian Paradise. Two castle
towers named Baba (Old Woman) and Panna (Virgin) provide an amazing view onto
the countryside. There is an unexplored secret corridor system below.
Heaven on Earth? Bohemian Paradise
Can a place have a more poetic and yet more poignant name?
Bohemian Paradise
is truly one of Bohemia’s
true natural gems. The exceptionally diverse landscape with its characteristic rock formations, deep forests,
ponds, and semi-precious stone areas combine with a wealth of historical monuments – castles, chateaux, and
folk architecture.
The renowned
Elbe cycle route
leads through Bohemia as well
from Hřensko to where it joins
the Vltava River and onward to
the source of the Elbe River in the
Krkonoše Mountains. Pedal hard!
Gold Trail
connects the
most beautiful locations of the
romantic landscape of Bohemian
Paradise and crosses valleys, rock
formations, and peaks as well
as medieval castles, chateaux,
and pine forests. The entire route
stretches for 103 km, but you can
walk just a part of it if you like. One
such route is from Turnov along the
red trail.
A great place to set off to see the
Prachovské Rocks
in Bohemian
Paradise is the town of Jičín,
6 km from the parking area at the
village of Holín, fromwhere you can
continue on foot along the short
or long walking route. The longer
route is 3.5 km long and lasts up to
2.5 hours.
View from Prachovské Rocks
Trosky Castle
Pravčická Gate
Ústí nad
Switzerland NP
Jizerské Mount.
nad Nisou
Velké Žernoseky
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A ride along the Elbe cycle route
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