South Bohemia on the move
What’s the best way to enjoy the beauty of the South Bohemian landscape with all its
colours, flavours, and smells? How about from a raft or a bicycle?
The Lužnice, Vltava and Otava Rivers are well-known to every rafter. A trip down these
rivers on a canoe or raft is an unforgettable experience, and the good news is that there
are plenty of rentals in the region.
South Bohemia has excellent conditions for cyclists as well. There is a dense network of
cycling trails, and plenty of paths through the forests, around the ponds, and winding
through the picturesque villages.
Rent a canoe and ride down the
Vltava from Vyšší Brod to Rožmberk
castle or to Český Krumlov.
The guest card provides special
offers for your summer and winter
Give ice skating on the frozen Lake
Lipno a try! In winter, the entire
lake turns into an ice skating rink.
The ‘magistral’ route from the
village of Lipno to Frymburk is well
maintained and stretches for 10 km.
There are a number of high-quality
and well-marked bicycle trails
around Lake Lipno. Try, for example,
the bike route along the former
Schwarzenberg Navigational
Canal, ideal for family bicycle trips.
In winter, the same path is ideal for
cross-country skiing. A good place
to start is the village of Nová Pec.
A Bohemian sea?
Lipno is the largest body of water in the Czech Republic, which is why it is known as the
‘sea of South Bohemia’– it is no wonder that this area is a well-known locale for lakeside
vacations. All throughout the summer season, Lake Lipno is scattered with white sails
and boats while surfers ride the waves and fishermen patiently wait for their catch.
If you have never walked through
the valley of Vydra Creek, you can’t
say that you have truly been to
Šumava. One of the most beautiful
routes through the Šumava nature
is the
Povydří educational trail
leading from the settlement of
Antýgl to Čeňkova Pila. You can
cover this easy 7½ kilometre trail
with a stroller or in a wheelchair.
Bicycles, however, are not
Set off for an adventure through
Šumava on foot or bicycle, then
on cross country skis in the winter.
The trails are well marked and
will lead you to all the interesting
Service for cross country skiers:
you can check
out the current conditions of
cross country trails in Šumava in
Šumava – what kind of magic
is nature capable of ?
Šumava is one of the largest contiguous forest ranges in Central Europe and has even
been called the ‘
Green Roof of Europe
’. This is why it is no surprise that this south-
western area of Bohemia has been designated a national park. This landscape is even
mystical in some places. You’ll find melancholy bogs looming in the mist, vast mineral
plateaus, contemplative moors, Vltava River valleys, glacier lakes, mountain streams
with crystal clear water, pastures, and meadows.
South Bohemia
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Lake Lipno
Bicycle path around Lake Lipno
Stroll along the Vydra River
Ice skating on Lake Lipno
Šumava cyclists
Jezerní Slať peat bog
Canoeists on the Vltava
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