Seidl Photographic Studio
: experience the magic of
the hidden story of the beginnings
of photography, the unsettling fate
of the pioneers of this craft, and
a photographic chronicle of the
Czech-German-Austrian border
area from the end of the 19th and
first part of the 20th centuries.
Egon Schiele Art Centrum
in addition to its permanent
exhibition of the graphic works of
Egon Schiele and exhibitions on his
life and works, also features 20th
century and contemporary art from
the Czech Republic and abroad.
The Art Centrum is located in the
historical Old Town.
Do not miss a tour of the
Castle Museum
with its
unconventional exhibition. You’ll
see a model of the castle as it
looked in the 16th century,
a lapidarium, displays of how life
used to be, and even a functional
historical cinema. The museum
is open all year round, except for
Mondays during the off-season.
Discover a beautiful region for your active vacation
South Bohemia is a friendly region full of ponds, forests,
and bogs. This is a region brought to life by the graceful
silhouettes of rural churches and white farmhouses,
a region that offers an inexhaustible amount of natural
beauty as well as plenty of historical monuments and great
conditions for bicyclists and water sports.
Enjoy South
Bohemia with all that it has to offer!
Šumava NP
Lake Lipno
Český Krumlov
– the pearl of the Vltava
Český Krumlov is one of those places that will simply
bewitch you. From the outside, the
, towering
over the picturesquemeanders of theVltava River, looks
like a cake decorated with sweet pink frosting. Once
inside, you will be overwhelmed by the unique Baroque
Theatre or the famous Masquerade Hall. The Old Town
is laced with winding streets and stone burgher houses.
Český Krumlov pulses with life – whether it be with the
groups of canoeists who gather their strength here for
the journey onward, fine arts enthusiasts who come
to admire the works presented in the famous
Schiele Gallery
, or visitors to the
Seidl Photographic
, which features period photographs that take
them back in time.
historic centre of Český Krumlov
has been inscribed
on the
UNESCOWorld Cultural Heritage List
Take advantage of the
Český Krumlov Card
to help you
get to know the town better; it is valid for 30 days!
Ponds everywhere you look
Fishing has enjoyed centuries of tradition in South Bohemia. Most of the fishponds are
located around Třeboň, Jindřichův Hradec, České Budějovice, and Tábor. The autumn
fish harvests are an important event and have a unique atmosphere. The fishing
industry has also strongly influenced the character of the culinary specialties in the
local restaurants. A dish prepared with carp, pike, or eel, especially when washed
down with one of South Bohemia’s local beers, is not easily forgotten…
How to place yourself into a fairy tale?
During your travels through SouthBohemia, be sure to visit some of the area’s romantic
castles. One of the most charming is the
chateau Hluboká
, whose imposing beauty
will take your breath away. Another place that litreally breathes magic is the
Červená Lhota
, lying on a rocky promontory in the middle of the castle pond.
Hluboká Chateau
is close to the city of České Budějovice. It is open all year round!
If you would like to experience the fish harvest for yourself, contact the
information centre.
, (+420) 384 721 169
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Český Krumlov
Hluboká nad Vltavou
Traditional fish harvest in South Bohemia
Červená Lhota
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