Moravia and Silesia
Did you know…
… the
Valašsko Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
is the
largest open air museum in Central Europe? Let us introduce
you to traditional handicrafts, living folklore, and the customs
observed throughout the generations of those who settled
this magical landscape.
Become a subject of the world-
Kingdom of Valašsko
and learn about the regions of
Beskydy and Valašsko! It is easy to
enter this kingdom: simply step
across the border from any location
on any side of the world. Get your
Kingdom of Valašsko passport and
enjoy a number of discounts. The
office of the Kingdom of Valašsko in
Frenštát pod Radhoštěmwill show
you the way.
Untouched nature at Beskydy
Endless forests, lush meadows with flocks of sheep guarded over by a shepherd, gems of folk architecture, hillsides rich with
the smell of juniper and blueberries – this is
, North Moravian Wallachia, a region lying in the heart of the
mountain range
. The bearded Slavic god Radegast watches down from Radhošť, one of the peaks. The mountaintops,
Lysá Hora
or even
, offer fantastic views onto the landscape, and the place is a winter paradise for skiers.
The unique Valašsko building style is another attraction with its typical wooden structures.
To the beauty of folk architecture
The beautiful Beskids landscape is decorated with over
twenty wooden churches and historical structures built over
a span of five centuries. The diversity and preserved state of
these structures, scattered throughout the landscape, makes
them quite unique.
Lysá Mountain
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Vacation in Beskydy
The Vltava River flowing below the Dívčí Kámen Castle (South Bohemia)
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