Moravia and Silesia
Jeseníky : Take a deep breath!
The Jeseníky Mountain range has been almost unaffected by civilization. Add to this
the fresh air, the undisturbed calm of deep forests, crystal clear brooks and streams,
quaint folk architecture in the foothills… Jeseníky won’t disappoint you! You can start
Hrubý Jeseník
, the second highest peak in the Czech Republic. You’ll be enchanted
by the stalactite caves and the beauty of the waterfalls of
Bílá Opava
, stroll through
the peat bog with its rare moss ponds
, admire the extinct volcanoes around
Bruntál, and draw new energy from the spas in
, or in
Velké Losiny
– an old city
for the young
Olomouc simply cannot be left out of
your journey through Moravia. Its historic
city centre is the second largest urban
conservation area in the Czech Republic,
after Prague. One of its most renowned
monuments is the
Holy Trinity Column
a UNESCO World Heritage monument.
This is the largest grouping of Baroque
statues within a single sculpture unit in
Central Europe. Olomouc will certainly
impress you with its extraordinary
collection of Baroque fountains and the
Church of St. Maurice.
Don’t forget to visit the
Hillock’ near Olomouc
, one of the
area’s most beautiful pilgrimage
sites. You can get there from
Olomouc by city transportation
lines No. 11 or 111.
Olomouc Region Card
a visitor’s card that allows you to
visit 75 of the most interesting sites
in Olomouc, Central Moravia, and
the Jeseníky Mountains!
The Olomouc Region will also get
you into the romantic
, a favourite with both
filmmakers and weddings.
Holly Hillock (Svatý Kopeček)
Bouzov Castle
…Olomouc is full of young people
throughout most of the year?
There is a renowned university as
well as other colleges here, so the
city regularly comes to life at the
beginning of every new term.
Hrubý Jeseník – Praděd
Waterfalls of Bílá Opava river
Olomouc – Holy Trinity Column
Thousands of students live in Olomouc during the school year
What’s that… smell?
Some love it, others have to hold their nose.
Olomoucké tvarůžky
is a special type
of ripened soft cheese known by its distinct aroma. Like it or not, this cheese is an
inseparable part of Czech cuisine and is one of the EU’s prestigious products which bear
a protected geographical indication.
Visit the
Museum of Olomoucké Tvarůžky Cheese
in Loštice with the Olomouc Region
Card. Taste the local treats!
…the town of Šumperk and the
surrounding areas witnessed
a series of trials in the late 17th
century, and many innocent
victims, especially women, were
burned at the stake?
Get to know the Jeseníky
Mountains up close and take a ride
along the
Witch’s Bike Trail
passes through this era’s significant
locations. The bicycle trail leads
through Šumperk, Velké Losiny,
ascends to an altitude above
1000 m, crosses Červenohorské
Sedlo and continues across Jeseník
to the Zlaté Hory Mountains and
onwards to Nysa in Poland.
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Witch‘s Bike Trail
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