Moravia and Silesia
All aboard the boat
Baťa Canal
is a roughly 80 kilometre long historical water route between the
cities of Kroměříž and Hodonín. Certain sections run along the Morava River, while the
rest are through artificial man-made navigational canals. Thirteen locks allow boats
to pass through the weirs along the route. The canal boat trips are a favourite tourist
attraction. A good way to enjoy it is to arrive at one of the ports with a bicycle, hop on
board, and enjoy the beautiful landscape along the route.The Baťa Canal was awarded
at the European competition EDEN 2011 as an exceptional tourist destination.
Tip for mystery fans
Moravian Karst
is one of the most important karst landscapes in Central Europe. The
Macocha Abyss is surrounded by fearful legends; you can gaze deep into its depths
from two observation points.
Did you know…
…there are a number of pilgrimage sites and important church monuments in the
Czech Republic? The eastern part of Moravia has enjoyed over a thousand years of
Christian tradition that dates back to 863, when the Thessalonian brothers Cyril and
Methodius came here to proclaim Christianity in the Slavic language.
Memorial to the Battle of the Three Emperors at Slavkov
Re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz
Slavkov (Austerlitz) – history passed through here
near Brno is mostly famous for the battle that took place here in 1805,
nicknamed the
Battle of Three Emperors
. The French army, led by Napoleon,
defeated the allied armies of Russia and Austria.
Come take a look at a re-enactment of this event and admire a demonstration of
masterful military tactics. The battle is held each year at the beginning of December.
You can visit the Cairn of Peace, the memorial to the battle, year round; right next door
is a museumwith a multi-media exhibition of the Battle of Austerlitz.
Come visit the spas
If you feel like slowing down a bit, catching
your breath, and relaxing during your
journey through South Moravia, then the
is the place for you. The
mineral waters of Luhačovice, particularly
the Vincentka spring, are considered to be
one of the most effective. Luhačovice was
a favourite site of the composer Leoš
Janáček, whose works can now be heard
around the world. Neither his personal nor
professional life was easy, but he found
tranquility and relaxation in the local spas.
The most sought-after caves in
Moravian Karst are the Punkva
Caves. Take a mysterious ride
on a boat down the Punkva
underground river!
St. Hostýn
are the
two most important pilgrimage
sites in Moravia, and a path
between them has been built
with all the essentials: markings,
information panels, stamps,
a guidebook, and a memorial
certificate. There are 25 covered
stations along the way featuring
hiking, pilgrimage, and religious
Set off on your way!
Lešná Castle
near Zlín stands
out primarily due to its wonderful
park, one of the best examples of
Moravian garden architecture.
While you are reviewing your basic
botany terminology, your children
will likely be attracted by the local
zoological garden
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St. Hostýn
Concerts in the Punkva Caves in Moravian Karst
Baťa Canal
Romantic stroll
You can rent a boat from any of
the boat rentals located along the
entire length of this water route.
Regular trips on larger boats or
several overnight stays on
a houseboat are also popular.
Punkva Caves
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