North Bohemia
A quiet memorial to the victims of the war
The fortress of
is a sad reminder of the cruelty that took place during the Second
World War. In addition to the police prison in the Small Fortress, the Large Fortress
served Nazi Germany as a Jewish Ghetto. From here, Nazis would dispatch special trains
to transport the Jewish population to death camps such as Auschwitz or Treblinka. After
the war, the Terezín Memorial National Historic Landmark was founded, now visited by
thousands of tourists from around the world.
A cross-country skier’s paradise
The Jizerské Mountains are the northern-most mountain range in the country, and there
are a number of lookout towers that offer breathtaking views onto the countryside.
These mountains are a winter favourite and are practically a magnet for cross-country
skiers. The best known trail is the Jizerská Magistral – this hosts the famous international
cross-country ski competition Jizerská Padesátka, one of the Worldloppet races.
Up to Ještěd!
The unusual structure on the peak of Ještěd Mountain near the city of Liberec is both
a television tower and a hotel. This is a unique work of architecture which won its author
the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize in 1969. In winter it is a favourite destination for
downhill ski enthusiasts.
Terezín Fortress
Jizerská Magistral
, as a hiking
trail, is part of the ‘
project that will connect the Jizera
and Lužice Mountain ranges and
Bohemian/Saxon Switzerland. It
also becomes a bicycle route in the
summer. Start your trip from the
village of Jizerka – simply pick one
of the well-marked trails.
If you are an MTB enthusiast, take
a ride up the bike route ‘
pod Smrkem
’ – it begins at the
natural swimming pool in Nové
Město pod Smrkem in the northern
part of the Jizera Mountains where
the Singltrek Centrum is located.
Come visit the
Babylon Centre in
! There’s plenty of fun and
education for both children and
adults there; try, for example, the
aquapark or the IQpark.
IQpark in the Babylon Center in Liberec
Singltrek pod Smrkem
Come to Harrachov in the Krkonoše
Mountains to discover the union of
glass and beer. The glassworks and
minibrewery here offer an unusual
experience – a beer spa.
…vineyards and wineries also
have a thousand years of tradition
in North Bohemia? Visit the grape
harvest in the village of Velké
Žernoseky near Litoměřice and try
the delicious wine from the local
Where to pay
homage to hops?
In the Temple of Hops and Beer,
of course! This is how the Žatec
hops area is known; it is not only
where the highest quality world
renowned hops is grown, but it is
also the home of the educational
and entertainment complex called
Temple of Hops and Beer
in the town of Žatec. So raise your
Discover the delicate beauty of glass and costume
North Bohemia is a cradle of glassmaking and costume jewellery production, and that’s
what has made this region renowned throughout the world. Learn more at the Museum
of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou.
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Ještěd Mountain
Glass perfume bottles
Glass jewellery
Skiers on the Jizerská Magistral
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