14 Best of the Czech Republic
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The second largest city in the
Czech Republic is located
in the fertile lowlands of
SouthMoravia. TheMoravian
capital has always played an
important part in the life of the
country, with each era leaving
its architectural mark. Itsmost
famedmonument is not even
one hundred years old.
Brno is a city where you never
feel lost, because despite
its size it is an intimate and
friendly town. Its two main
features are the Gothic castle
of Špilberk and the neo-
Gothic St. Peter and Paul‘s
Cathedral – even though the
two buildings were built 650
years apart.
Enchantment abounds as you
can see, next to each other,
opulent Baroque churches
and modernist exhibition
palaces (Brno is the trade fair
centre of the Czech Republic),
plague monuments, fountains
and palaces of the nobility,
a monumental neo-
Renaissance theatre, and
many jewels of functionalism.
One of the most valuable
of the functional buildings,
and one of the most
fascinating villas in the world,
is Tugendhat Villa. The
UNESCO-protected villa was
built in 1930 by the world-
renowned architect Ludwig
Mies van der Rohe and is a
wonderful example of modern
The Lednice-Valtice
Landscape – Traces of
History in the Land of Wine
In the very south of Moravia,
in a romantic landscape
where the carpet of forests
meets the golden expanses
of fields, where all slopes
are lined with vineyards and
silvery lakes bloom with
white lilies, there is a unique
complex of historic buildings
beautifully set in natural
The majestic Baroque chateau
of Valtice is on one side and
the stately Lednice chateau
built in the Tudor Gothic style
is on the other, surrounded
by a system of artificial lakes
and river canals. In between,
there are Chinese gazebos,
bridges, romantic summer
houses, hunting lodges in the
Empire style, a colonnade
with beautiful vistas, and
even a minaret from which
there is a splendid view of
the countryside; this is the
Lednice-Valtice complex, part
of the UNESCO world cultural
Brno is an excellent
starting point for exploring
the attractions of South
Moravia. For example,
you can follow the trail of
the Napoleonic Wars! In
1805 near Slavkov u Brna
(Austerlitz), the Battle of
the Three Emperors was
fought, in which the French
army led by Napoleon
defeated the army of allies
Russia and Austria. A peace
monument is located
near the village of Prace,
just outside Slavkov. Also
worth a visit is the Baroque
chateau in Slavkov, where
the armistice was signed.
Admire the local beauty
from the seat of a bicycle!
The comfortable Liechten-
stein Trails lead you
through the entire Lednice-
Valtice area and allow you
to visit all the important
sights – the romantic
chateaux in Lednice and
Valtice, the mysterious
Janův hrad (John’s Castle),
the Rendez-vous hunting
lodge and countless
others. Discover the special
genius loci of this cultural
Taste the Landscape
And all around are vineyards,
wine cellars, and the unique
Moravian wine. The Znojmo,
Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice, and
Slovácko regions are all places
where, for example, on the
vineyard cycling trails
you can meet hospitable and
friendly winemakers who
will be happy to share their
pride: white wines with an
interesting spectrum of scents
and spicy flavours, combined
with the fullness of the fertile
Moravian soil, the earthy red
wines, or the fresh and light
Tugendhat Villa
Liechtenstein Trails
Lednice Chateau
Battle of Austerlitz
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