10 Best of the Czech Republic
Being in Plzeň and not
visiting the local brewery or
tasting the world-renowned
Pilsner beer would be an
unforgivable sin. But it would
also be a mistake not to get
to know the real soul of the
city. This soul can be felt with
every step, in the walls of the
houses, in the streets, and on
the squares. For Plzeň has the
soul of an artist, a joyful soul,
and one that the city wishes to
share with everyone.
Art on Every Corner
Several major theatres, the
local philharmonic orchestra,
galleries, cultural cafés, the
many music, theatre, and
folklore festivals – all of
this together with the living
artistic craft still seen in the
streets. Budding artists show
their skills, crossing many
genres – be it in the shade of
St. Bartholomew’s cathedral
or on the busy main street, in
the parks or in underground
clubs. And should you tire
All Czechswill proudly agree
that the best beer in the
world has been brewed since
1842 in Plzeň, the largest
city ofWest Bohemia. The
beer capital, however, is
also famous for its cultural
tradition, culminating in its
being awarded the title of
EuropeanCapital of Culture
for the year 2015.
of culture, there is still that
marvellously cold beer with
a white, foaming head…
The Czech sometimes call
beer „Liquid Bread“
A famous Czech saying says
that a government that raises
the price of beer will fall. The
Czechs’ relationship to beer is
delicate and intimate. Having
a lot of beer to choose from,
they are true connoisseurs.
All over the country, there are
hundreds of regional brands
made in large as well as small
family breweries.
Czech beer is a geographical
indication protected by the
European Union. And such an
honour is not just handed out
– everyone brewing beer in
the Czech Republic does their
best to maintain this prestige.
While beer from Plzeň is
considered the true national
treasure, there are excellent
and original golden brews
to be found in all regions of
Bohemia and Moravia.
We recommend a tour of
the Pilsner Urquell Brewery
or a visit to the Brewery
Museum, which is located
in the centre of the city.
Discover the story of beer
from ancient times to the
Look for restaurants
marked with the
designation Czech
Specials – it is a guarantee
of quality. You will find
these restaurants in
frequently visited locations
throughout the Czech
Republic. In addition to
traditional Czech dishes, try
some regional specialties!
The Gourmet Paradise
And often it doesn’t end
with beer, as Czechs are also
known to be fond of their
food. The local cuisine won’t
likely win any prizes for being
the healthiest, but it is hard
to resist. A key component
is always soup, without
which no meal is considered
complete. The most famous
local speciality is dumplings,
a typical Czech side dish
served with meat and
sauces; the most well-known
specialities are roast beef
in creamy Svíčková sauce
or roast pork or duck with
cabbage and, of course,
dumplings. And something
sweet to finish off the meal?
Delicious cakes and again
dumplings, but this time filled
with fruit…
The City of Beer
and Culture
Brewery gate
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