8 Best of the Czech Republic
The Seductive Beauty
of Spa Colonnades
Themost famous Czech spa,
the importance of which
far exceeds the borders
of the country, lies in the
westernmost part of Bohemia,
in the charming Teplá
river valley. According to
legend, the now-famous spa
springswere discoveredby
accident in the 14th century
by a huntingparty of the
Emperor andKingCharles IV.
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary is a magical
place. It is difficult to
resist the worry-free and
ceremonial feeling of strolling
on the quiet promenade
between the rich fronts of
noble houses, among the
columns of richly decorated
colonnades. Knowing that
from the same springs at the
foot of Corinthian columns
of the fascinating Mlýnská
Colonnade, hot healing water
was poured into the delicate
china cups of Peter the Great,
Maria Theresa, Bach, Goethe,
Casanova, and Beethoven is
something that uplifts the
soul and makes a journey
through the town of many
springs an unforgettable
Magic Hidden in a Bottle
And if you sample not only
the healing water but also
Becherovka, the famed local
herbal liquor, the city will
look even more attractive
than before. And it is just as
magical to climb one of the
many trails leading through
the forest slopes above the
town and see the beauty far
below you. Karlovy Vary will
take a place in your heart, and
you will always be happy to
return here.
Czech Spas – Health
Springs from Below the
In the Czech Republic,
healing springs bubble up like
golden thread on a precious
tapestry. Poděbrady in
Central Bohemia, Luhačovice
in Moravia, Jánské Lázně
in the north… But the most
healing springs can be found
in the famous “spa triangle”
in West Bohemia.
All spa towns have grown
into beautiful places with
a rich social life, and today
we can admire the gleaming
buildings of Františkovy
Lázně that look like they were
made by a skilled confectioner
to decorate a wedding cake.
At the same time, we can
draw on the health to be
found in the local peat spa,
the oldest in Europe. Let
yourself be enchanted by
the dignified calmness of the
Classical palaces of Mariánské
Karlovy Vary International
Film Festival – see the stars
of the silver screen.
Reach for the stars!
The Karlovy Vary Inter-
national Film Festival is one
of the most prestigious film
festivals in the world and
has a stellar reputation.
Every year in early July, you
can see with your own eyes
the actors and filmmakers
as they walk the red carpet
– and, of course, you can
go to the cinema to watch
high-quality films.
Lázně, particularly knowing
that in this modestly-sized
town there are more than
forty healing springs and
another sixty in the vicinity
of the town. The town of
Jáchymov, not far from
here, is home to one of the
most unique spas in the
world – providing treatments
using the beneficial effects
of powerful radioactive
springs. Karlovy Vary, with
its twelve healing springs and
the famous geyser with a jet
reaching up to fifteen metres,
is the shiniest jewel in the
crown of Czech spas.
Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary
Mariánské Lázně
Františkovy Lázně
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