Český Krumlov
6 Best of the Czech Republic
Český Krumlov
One of themost beautiful
historic European towns,
inscribed on theUNESCO list
of world cultural and natural
heritage sites, is located in
South Bohemia. Fromthe
walls of its castle, Český
Krumlov offers a lovely view
of the forest-coveredŠumava
Český Krumlov
The labyrinth of narrow
and mysterious medieval
alleyways has grown within
the grip of uncompromising
rocky slopes, on a plain as
large as the hand of a friendly
giant. The Gothic town of
alchemists and stonemasons,
court jesters and proud
aristocrats, crowned with
a beautiful Renaissance
chateau – the largest in the
Czech Republic after Prague
– is full of mysterious magic
and secrets. The winding
alleyways run from the
charming square and are
directed by the omnipresent
Vltava river, winding its
way through the town criss-
crossed by its many bridges.
It is wonderful to lose
yourself in the maze of proud
Renaissance and Gothic
houses, sombre monasteries
and dignified churches, as
there is a new surprise and
a new secret around every
corner. The town seems like a
dream that changes with each
journey. And if you get tired
of being lost, take a seat in
the revolving chateau theatre,
Do not miss a tour of the
Castle Museumwith its
imaginative exposition.
You will see a model of the
castle as it looked in the
16th century, a lapidarium,
presentations on life in past
eras, and even a cinema.
The museum is open year
walk through one of the city’s
many galleries and museums,
or board a boat and enjoy the
views of the town from the
Holašovice – a Fairy Tale
Southern Bohemia, a
hospitable landscape of lakes,
rivers, forests and meadows,
water castles, splendid
chateaux, historical towns
and picturesque villages, a
paradise for water-lovers and
fishermen. Here, close to the
town of České Budějovice,
lies the most charming of all
Czech villages, Holašovice.
Standing in the centre of
its spacious village green
and looking at the houses
and farmyards is like being
transported into a fairy tale.
The façades are gleaming
white and the many round
gables soothe your soul. You
feel as if you are in a land of
gingerbread houses covered
in white marzipan. On the
surface of the pond in the
centre of Holašovice, you
can see a reflection of one of
the best preserved groups
of buildings constructed in
the Rural Baroque style and
protected by UNESCO –
houses that have for centuries
kept their original, medieval,
and Baroque character.
The Land of Castles and
And if you are not ready to
leave the fairy tale world just
yet, nearby is the beautiful
Hluboká Chateau built in
the Tudor Gothic style, a
white mirage floating above
the woods of Southern
Bohemia, or the naiad of rock,
the scarlet Červená Lhota
chateau on a rocky island in
the middle of a lake. And the
South Bohemian fairy tale
does not end there…
In temperate South
Bohemia, a magnificent
system of artificial ponds
was created over the
centuries, connected by
ingeniously built canals.
They were used primarily
for fish farming. To this day,
the region is a paradise
for anglers and also the
most popular destination
for holiday trips, ideal
for hiking as well as
cycling. Set aside plenty
of time to discover all the
beauty of the picturesque
countryside of South
Bohemia – you will not
regret it!
Hluboká nad Vltavou
Castle Museum
A Medieval Pearl
on the Banks
of the River
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