No other Czech town has had
somuchwritten and spoken
about it as the capital city,
Standing on one of the most
beautiful stone bridges in the
world, the Charles Bridge, and
looking past the silhouettes
of silent statues and the Old
Town full of winding alleys
and picturesque squares up
toward the hill where Prague
Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral
glisten in the sunlight is an
experience that even those
who have spent their whole
lives here never tire of.
The city of a hundred spires is
a mysterious labyrinth where
the past is interwoven with
the present, a magical place
where the most powerful men
of Europe, rulers, generals,
alchemists and Jewish
scholars met… It was here
that Rabbi Loew breathed life
into the Golem made of clay;
where Arcimboldo painted his
opulent portraits composed
of fruits and vegetables; and
here that the alchemists at
the court of Emperor Rudolf
II struggled to find the
Philosopher’s Stone in their
crucibles and Franz Kafka
wrote his dark and oppressive
works. It was here that
Smetana and Dvořák, as well
as Mozart and Liszt, enjoyed
standing ovations from their
enthusiastic audiences; that
church reformer Jan Hus
preached, and Copernicus,
Kepler, Galileo, Giordano
Bruno, and Tycho de Brahe
spent their time bent over
their telescopes…
Genius loci
Walking through this city
now means being a part of all
the magic and mystery of its
past. Prague’s atmosphere
is unmatched by that of any
other city in the world. The
list of all its monuments,
museums, galleries, amazing
spots and buildings, even in
its briefest form, far exceeds
the size of this small book.
Prague is a city you have to
blend with, let it grow on you,
become a part of it at least for
a while – and then the city
may be persuaded to reveal
some of its secrets to you.
Discover the Story of
Prague Castle as it is told
by a permanent exhibition
on the Gothic floor of the
Old Royal Palace at Prague
Castle. The story reveals
the mystery of a place
where the greatest Czech
sovereigns and saints
are entombed, a place
of authentic artefacts,
where all historical styles
converge in one unique
complex, a place which
protects the Czech Crown
Jewels, the St. Vitus
Treasury and collections
preserved from past times,
and a place which is also
the dignified seat of the
president of the Czech
Do you like classical
music? Then visit the
Prague Spring International
Music Festival, which
showcases the world’s
top soloists, symphony
orchestras and chamber
ensembles. It traditionally
begins on May 12, the
anniversary of the death of
Czech composer Bedřich
Smetana. Enjoy the
ultimate music experience!
Charles Bridge
The Centre of a Magical
Prague Castle
Astronomical Clock
Prague bridges
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