People say theCzech
Republic is not a country,
but a garden.
TheCzech Republic
Prague, the Mother of Cities
The undisputed crown and
the mother of Czech cities
is Prague, the beauty of
a hundred spires and one of
the most charming human
settlements on the planet.
But if you limit yourself only
to Prague, you will miss a lot.
There are so many interesting
and unique treasures to be
found across the country
that it would be difficult to
see them all in one’s lifetime.
There are many keys to the
gates of the Czech Republic.
The brochure you are holding
in your hands unlocks these
gates with the key of UNESCO
world cultural heritage. The
key rattles in the lock, the
gate swings open and you can
enter the land of wonders and
In the centre of a chain of
mountains on the border,
with deep and meditative
forests covering the slopes,
we find the land of Bohemia,
strewn with the silver coins
of lakes and criss-crossed
with the threads of rivers,
or rippling with undulating
highlands. In the east lie the
historical lands of Moravia
and Silesia, brightened with
the endless plains of golden
fields. History, recent as well
as ancient, has left its mark
on this blissful landscape,
with many valuable and
astonishing treasures in the
form of historical towns,
castles and chateaux,
churches and cathedrals –
true architectural and urban
masterpieces of all the eras
that came before us.
Vranov nad Dyjí
The Picturesque
Heart of Europe
Karlovy Vary
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