20 Best of the Czech Republic
Thousands of
Beautiful Spots in a
Country As Big As the
Palm of Your Hand
It is almost impossible to
believe howmuch beauty
there is in this small country.
TheCzech landscape is
surprisingly varied – and the
greatest proof of this are four
national parks, each different
and unique.
Šumava, the mountain range
in Southern Bohemia that can
be both charming and rough,
is a landscape of silent forests,
highlands, and blossoming
meadows and is, most
importantly, the kingdom of
water. Mysterious peat bogs,
wild rivers full of gigantic
boulders, glacial lakes…
On Mountain Ridges and
among Rocks
Krkonoše, the highest Czech
mountain range in the north
of the country with the 1,602
metre Sněžka Mountain, is
home to numerous diverse
and rare animals and plants
living in a land shaped by
glaciers, a land of majestic
mountain meadows and
waterfalls. Podyjí in southern
Moravia is a canyon of
the Dyje river with deep
meanders, rock cliffs, and
stone seas. České Švýcarsko
in the northwest is a romantic
landscape of breath-taking
sandstone formations, tall
towers, and vaulted gates, and
a land of unique treasures
of folk architecture. But
there are more rock towns
in Bohemia – such as the
beautiful Bohemian Paradise,
the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks,
the Kokořín region…
The place marked as
the source of the major
European river Elbe is
located in the meadow
called Labská louka in the
Krkonoše Mountains. You
can get there, for instance,
from the mountain range’s
largest resort, Špindlerův
Mlýn, following a path that
leads through the magical
Elbe valley. The spot is
decorated with coats of
arms of the cities through
which the Elbe flows.
Sněžka Mountain
Bohemian Switzerland
Kašperk Castle
Published by CzechTourism, Prague 2013, 1st edition
Written by: Rostislav Křivánek and CzechTourism
Translation: České překlady s.r.o., Gillian Purves
Photographs: archives of CzechTourism, Libor Sváček, Ladislav Renner, Pavel Ouředník, Ivanka Čištínová, Milan Drahoňovský,
Martin Mařák, Lubor Mrázek, Michal Vitásek, Michaela Wecker, Sdružení České dědictví UNESCO
Design, print: Vydavatelství MCU,
The official tourist presentation of the Czech Republic
ISBN: 978-80-87560-29-7
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