18 Best of the Czech Republic
Between Bohemia and
Moravia in the south of the
country, in the charming
landscape of small hillswhere,
as the sayinggoes, the bread
ends and the rocks begin, lie
three fascinating towns that
UNESCOhas taken under its
Telč – the Town of
A town that was made for
artists and dreamers, a town
with a touch of Italy, fragile
and lovely. The handsome
square with decorative
façades of Gothic and
Renaissance houses, delicate
sgraffiti of the chateau
reflected in the surfaces
of town ponds, the perfect
coffers on the ceilings of
chateau halls, the austere
beauty of the churches, sunny
gardens, and the hospitable
nature – even a bank clerk
would start writing poetry
Třebíč – the City of
Jews and Christians together,
calm and peaceful neighbours
of a different faith but the
same fate. That is the history
of the town of Třebíč, as
illustrated by its two jewels –
the Basilica of St Procopius
with a monumental rose
window and unique vaulted
crypt that is seven hundred
years old, and the Jewish
quarter with over a hundred
and twenty houses, a town
hall, school and a rabbinate,
synagogues and a large
cemetery with some three
thousand tombstones.
Ždár nad Sázavou – the City
of Santini’s Brilliance
At some point in 1706, the
abbot of the Žďár monastery
invited the young architect
Jan Santini to the town for
the first time. Santini came
and started working on his
own style that brought him
fame worldwide, the Baroque-
Gothic. The pinnacle of his
extraordinary inventiveness
is the chapel of St. John of
Nepomuk at Zelená Hora,
a unique chapel that seems to
have been sent from another
world. A beauty of precise
geometric splendour and
lightness that is impossible to
describe. It is not a church,
but the most delicate
lacework. Santini’s brilliance
can also be seen in the
town – the Plague Cemetery
built in the shape of
Did you know that the
town of Telč, thanks to its
attractive appearance,
has been the backdrop for
many Czech and foreign
films? And many films
have been set in the local
Head off on a nature trail
that leads you through one
of the most well-preserved
ghettos in Europe, a prime
example of resourcefulness
in making the best use of
the limited space given
to its residents. Discover
the history of the Jewish
settlement in Třebíč!
Follow the trail of St. John
of Nepomuk, whose life
story played out in Prague.
Visit the saint’s tomb in
the St. Vitus Cathedral at
Prague Castle and see the
magical place fromwhich
his body was thrown off
the Charles Bridge into the
Vltava River!
Žďár nad Sázavou
Žďár nad Sázavou
Square in Telč
St. Procopius Basilica, Třebíč
a human skull, the interior
of a church, a horse stable,
an inn, a hospital, and the
monastery’s prelature.
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