16 Best of the Czech Republic
In the heart of Moravia,
in the centre of themost
fertile fields in the country
in a region known as Haná,
stands the proud and
ancient city of Olomouc,
one of themost important
centres of the Bohemian
Kingdomfor as long as
anyone can remember. The
citymaintains its dignity and
spiritual strength; a city full of
history, Baroque beauty, and
reverence for God.
Visiting Olomouc is like
meeting a wise and respected
old man who has been down
many roads and whose
single word is worth a stack
of books. With each step,
you are surprised by the
large number of important
and majestic monuments –
imposing and picturesque
churches, rich palaces of
the burghers, monumental
monasteries. The awe-
inspiring Bishop Palace, one
of the pinnacles of European
Romanesque architecture,
Gothic churches and the
cathedral, Renaissance
palaces with richly decorated
façades, but most importantly
the Olomouc Baroque.
Beautiful fountains, the
Archbishop Palace, the
Hradisko Monastery known
as the “Moravian Escorial”,
the pilgrimage basilica on
the Holy Hill and above
You almost feel out of place
here if you don’t have a
powdered Baroque wig.
Rather than saunter, you
will pass excitedly through
the exquisitely and finely
decorated halls of the
chateau, valuable library, and
the chateau gallery featuring
the works of Titian, Cranach,
Veronese, and Breughel
(incidentally the second
most valuable collection in
the Czech Republic). And
let’s not forget the outdoors
and many fantastic gardens
– the Podzámecká, a large
English-style park, or Květná,
with perfectly symmetrical
and sophisticated flower
patterns, garden beds and
shrubberies of the uniquely
preserved system of a French
garden with mazes, fountains,
summer houses and an
unusual eight-sided rotunda
where a Foucault’s pendulum
measures the time. UNESCO
is protecting this marvellous
city, and for good reason.
The Haná region shines
not only because of its
welcoming atmosphere
but also thanks to the
wholesome natural regional
delicacies. The most
famous local product is
Olomouc tvarůžky. This
delicious low-fat cheese
with a strong aroma is
prepared in various ways by
the local restaurants. And
in the information centre in
the arcade of the Olomouc
Town Hall, there is even a
unique vending machine
selling this delicacy.
Come to tour a collection of
some 135,000 art objects
gathered in the Archbishop
Chateau in Kroměříž. The
collections (paintings,
drawings, prints, coins and
medals, a musical archive,
furnishings and a library)
rank among the most
valuable such collections in
the world.
all – the impressive column
commemorating the end
of a plague, protected by
UNESCO, and the largest
group of Baroque sculptures
in Central Europe. And
one curiosity as well – the
Workers’ Astronomical Clock
from 1955.
Kroměříž – The Heavenly
Gardens of the Athens of
In the fertile Moravian
Haná close to Olomouc lies
Kroměříž, the city in the
middle of gardens. The noble
Archbishop Chateau built
in the early Baroque style is
the centre of a fascinating
labyrinth of perfectly kept
gardens that maintain to
this day their historic park
The Thousand-Year-
OldSpiritual Centre
Church of St. Maurice
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