Gastronomy: Modern haute cuisine outside Prague
It is also worthwhile to travel outside
Prague for epicurean experiences. In just
a few hours, you can find yourself in
the picturesque historical town of Český
Krumlov or in the elegant spa town of
Karlovy Vary.
Baroque CastleTheatre, Český Krumlov
Český Krumlov
Mill Colonnade, KarlovyVary
The founding of this world-famous spa town with healing
springs dates back to the 14th century. The renowned
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has been taking place
here in early July since 1946. During a walk along the spa
promenade you can enjoy the beauty of historical houses
and spa hotels. You can taste delicious dishes at any of the
local four- and five-star hotels. The journey from Prague takes
just two hours, so don’t hesitate.
One of the renowned local restaurants is the family-run
(Nová Louka 21, Karlovy Vary,
This restaurant with a century of tradition is situated right
in the centre of the spa colonnade. It offers an extensive
wine cellar, simple quick meals, meals made to order and
grilled specialties.
Lovers of romance will delight in the culinary art of
the master chefs at the
restaurant (Tržiště 31,
Karlovy Vary,
. The restaurant
is renowned for its classic French service, including
the preparation of some dishes right before the guests’
eyes. You can taste the noted wines from the family’s own
This town in South Bohemia is an architectural gem and a UNESCOWorld
Heritage Site. Here you will find the second largest castle complex in the
Czech Republic.
The elegant
restaurant (Horní 154, Český Krumlov) offers cuisine inspired
by the Renaissance period together with excellent wines. It blends traditional
Czech food preparation methods with current trends in gastronomy.
An interesting flourish is the staff dressed in period outfits.
For a selection of top
restaurants in the Czech
Republic, check out
Baroque CastleTheatre.
something unique in all of Europe.
Part of the Český Krumlov castle
complex, it is one of the world’s best
conserved Baroque theatres with
the original building intact along with
its orchestra pit, stage, machinery,
backdrops, libretti and costumes.
– an herbal liqueur
made from a 200-year-old secret recipe
and the perfect souvenir. The Jan
Becher Museum (T. G. Masaryka 57,
Karlovy Vary) offers an audiovisual
exposition with texts in six languages.
The tour includes a tasting of
the bitter-sweet nectar.
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