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The Czech Republic,
a land of stories
A rich history and strong cultural heritage
are the elements that most shape the Czech
Republic. Yet the uniqueness of this country,
nestled in the very heart of Europe, comes
from the great diversity of places and
experiences which it offers its visitors.
A long weekend is simply not long enough
to fully discover the Czech Republic – it is
a country far too exceptional, far too
distinctive and far too interesting. When
choosing accommodations, you can select
from a wide range of luxury hotels.
In restaurants with magnificent views of
the historical parts of the city you can enjoy
local and international cuisine. As for
shopping, Prague is dotted with boutiques
selling the world’s top fashion brands as well
as shops offering traditional Czech products
such as cut glass, porcelain, garnets and
diamond jewellery. The country’s spa towns
are the perfect place to relax your body with
their premium wellness packages. You can
also enjoy ideal conditions for golf here.
And last but not least, thanks to its romantic
scenery, the Czech Republic is a wonderful
place to hold your wedding ceremony.
Whether you are planning an active or
a more relaxing holiday, this country
is able to meet even the most exacting
requirements for an unforgettable holiday.
The brochure which you hold in your hands
is full of practical ideas for creating great
memories in all of the above-mentioned
Czech luxury brands
Golf and wellness
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