With Their Own
Stories to Tell
All of the following hotels
correspond to the exclusive
five-star category and are
located in the picturesque city
centre. The ones in Prague
differmainly in their style,
with some offeringmodern
design and others historical
architecture, while some
of the hotels are steeped in
a peaceful atmosphere. In all
of these hotels, a high-quality
dining experience is simply
a given.
Experience Art Nouveau at
its finest at the
Hotel Paříž
– one of the most impressive
Art Nouveau buildings in
Prague (U Obecního domu 1,
Prague 1,
It was built in 1904 in the
French style. The interior
has a wide array of beautiful
details typical of Art Nouveau
design – colourful ceramic
mosaics, mirrors and
window panes of etched
glass, ornamental wrought
iron railings, and golden
light fixtures. Services
offered include the rental of
a luxurious Bentley limousine.
You will feel a breeze from the
Orient in the heart of Europe
at the
Mandarin Oriental
(Nebovidská 459/1, Prague 1,
prague/). Exclusive rooms
combine Asian influences
with the historical setting
of a former monastery from
the 14th century. Individual
rooms offer stunning views
of the abbey gardens and
the ancient Lesser Town
district of Prague. After an
invigorating walk to see the
sights, the hotel will refresh
you with a delicious afternoon
tea served in the monastery
café, which is located right
below a magnificent Baroque
Top accommodations in the
historical centre of the city are
offered by the
Four Seasons
(Veleslavínova 2a/1098,
Prague 1,
com/prague/). This American
classic is presented in
a unique complex of three
historical buildings in the
Baroque, Classicist and Neo-
Renaissance styles. The hotel
is wonderfully situated on the
banks of the Vltava River near
the Charles Bridge.
You will find an extensive
database of quality hotels
Part of the elegant Hotel
Paříž is the Sarah Bernhardt
French restaurant and
the traditional Parisian-
style Café de Paris.
Both guarantee a great
gastronomic experience
and a pleasant atmosphere
in stylish surroundings.
In the Hotel Mandarin
Oriental is a former
Renaissance chapel, today
a superb spa with a glass
floor which will completely
relax your body and mind.
The spa offers uniquely
tailored holistic treatments
and rituals inspired by
healing practices from the
West and the East.
A view of the Vrtbovská Garden
Hotel Paříž
Hotel Mandarin Oriental
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