Major Czech
Fromour travels, we take
home experiences and
memories. If youwant to
bringback fromPrague
something really exclusive,
an ideal choice is Bohemian
garnet jewellery or crystal
Preciosa develops the
tradition of master
The production of crystal
glass is a traditional Czech
industry with a three-
century history. The Preciosa
company (Jindřišská 19,
Prague 1,
continues this craft
heritage with great success,
specializing in luxurious
crystal jewellery and
opulent chandeliers and
lighting fixtures that adorn
the interiors of the most
luxurious hotels, palaces and
restaurants throughout the
Moser crystal masterpieces
are the paragon of
The founding of the Moser
glassworks (Na Příkopě 12,
Prague 1, dates back
to 1857. All of its crystal
products are blown, cut,
engraved, painted and
polished by hand. They are
regularly a part of important
occasions in the lives of
European royal families,
thus they proudly carry
the nickname “the glass
of kings”. Moser products
combine trends in the field
of design with a tradition
of exceptional glassmaking
craftsmanship going back
several generations.
Thun porcelain carries
a distinctive hallmark of
If you are more interested in
porcelain than in glass, you
must not forget the elegant
brand Thun (Vinohradská 61,
Prague 2,
The company is the largest
Czech producer of porcelain,
emanating from a craft
tradition that dates back more
than 200 years. The superior
quality of the sturdy porcelain
from Karlovy Vary is ensured
by a firing temperature of
1,405 °C.
The Bohemian Garnet is
the crimson heart among
If you want to take home from
the Czech Republic a truly
typical piece of jewellery, it
should be made of Bohemian
garnets, which masterfully
combine great beauty with
precision craftsmanship.
This globally renowned
semi-precious stone with
a dark red hue has been
used in the goldsmith’s craft
since the 14th century. If you
want to be certain that you
are buying a true original,
we recommend purchasing
directly in the shops of
Granát Turnov (Dlouhá 28 or
Panská 1, Prague 1,
You can find inspiration for
choosing the most original
souvenirs from Prague
You can admire the unique
art of Czech glassmakers
at the Baroque Tuscany
Palace in Prague and inside
the Buddha Bar, Mandarin
Oriental and Crowne Plaza
hotels. All are adorned with
crystal chandeliers from
the masters’ workshop of
the Preciosa company.
You will carry with you
crystal memories
and a wonderful
experience from the Moser
Museum on the Old Town
Square (Staroměstské
náměstí 603/15, Prague 1),
right in the heart of
Prague. Here you will
discover the tradition of
Czech glassmaking and
you can also buy valuable
Or go for dinner to the
famous restaurant Villa
Richter below Prague
Castle, which is decorated
with luxurious glass lighting
fixtures. In addition to
offering excellent cuisine,
it also offers breathtaking
views of the historic city
Thun porcelain
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