Golf andSpas
inWest Bohemia
Do you know the difference
betweenwellness and
medical wellness?With
medical wellness at a spa
resort, it is possible to consult
with a physician and try out
services andprocedures
using natural healing
resources – a huge added
value comparedwithwellness
outside a spa environment. In
the area ofmedical wellness,
theCzech Republic offers
a wide range of resorts of the
highest quality.
Karlovy Vary
The epitome of a spa
experience can be enjoyed
at the
Grandhotel Pupp
(Mírové náměstí 2, Karlovy
, which
for three centuries has
been the symbol of Karlovy
Vary. In the course of its
long history, thousands of
internationally prominent
personalities have stayed
here, from crowned royalty
and artists to stars of the
silver screen, who come here
not only during the annual
Karlovy Vary International
Film Festival. The hotel is
a place of total comfort and
first-class service. It offers
comprehensive spa care and
relaxation programmes.
Targeted care with medical
supervision can be found at
Hotel Carlsbad Plaza
(Mariánskolázeňská 23,
Karlovy Vary, Its Wellnessland,
with an area of 3,000 square
metres, is conceived as a quiet
lane of the old spa town of
Carlsbad. Total regeneration
of body and spirit is ensured
by seven
kinds of saunas, pools,
a mineral pool, Turkish bath,
heated anatomical beds,
a relaxation zone, aroma
showers, and more.
Astoria Golf Resort
(Cihelny 7, Karlovy Vary,
home) is the work of top
architects. The 18-hole golf
course was designed by the
world-famous Gary Player
Design Company, mainly
in its technical aspects. It is
among the highest-quality
and most comprehensive
resorts in the Czech
Republic and is nestled in
the picturesque valley of the
Teplá Stream. This Protected
Landscape Area is simply
ideal in terms of the weather
conditions so necessary for
The oldest Czech golf club,
Golf Resort Karlovy
(Pražská 219, Karlovy
) was
opened in 1904 and is set in
the picturesque landscape
of the Krušné Mountains.
The resort offers the singular
experience of staying in the
“Hole in One” luxury suite
with views of the golf course.
The most opulent hotel in
Mariánské Lázně, the
Esplanade Spa & Golf
(Karlovarská 438,
Mariánské Lázně,
was built in the middle of
a quiet forest park with
a singular view of the entire
city. In the Spa & Wellness
Centre you can choose
from a range of therapeutic
treatments and relaxation
and slimming programmes
according to individual
requirements. Favourites
are massages, paraffin and
mud wraps, electrotherapy,
whirlpool baths, and mineral
and carbonic baths.
Just a 5-minute walk from
the Hotel Esplanade is the
Royal Golf ClubMarián-
ské Lázně
Lázně 582, Mariánské Lázně,
). In 1905,
In the colonnade in
Mariánské Lázně you will
find a multimedia fountain.
With its coloured lights, it
has in its repertoire dozens
of works by various musical
artists. The fountain is
fittingly called a water
ballet of music and light.
A visit to the excellent
hotel restaurant of the
Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy
Vary becomes a true
gastronomic experience.
Taste the local Old
Bohemian specialties.
operation of the golf course
was ceremonially inaugurated
by the British monarch
Edward VII, who also became
the first founding member.
Although the 18-hole course is
mostly flat, it offers a number
of hazards that demand
a precise technical game. It
affords relaxing views of the
outlying countryside and
is surrounded by mature
evergreen forests. It provides
the ideal natural scenery for
relaxation of the mind.
Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary
Caroline Spring pavilion, Mariánské Lázně
Vřídlo fountain, Karlovy Vary
Hotel Esplanade, Mariánské Lázně
Royal Golf Club, Mariánské Lázně
Concentrating on the green
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