20 Castles and chateaux
Reason to visit
If the ageing Giacomo Casanova had
not settled here to manage the extensive
Duchcov Chateau library at the end of
his tumultuous life, who knows whether
he would have written his famous
autobiography, which revealed his
scandalous adventures in the royal courts
and in the bedroom. The hotheaded
Italian spent 13 years in cold Bohemia
and was not too fond of the country, even
though he had his last love adventure
here. He died in Duchcov and is buried
Of historical interest
The palatial seat of the powerful
Wallenstein family was built by archi-
tects of great renown. Its prestige
as a cultural centre in North Bohemia
grew with stays here by famous
musicians and writers, including Bach,
Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Chopin,
Schiller and Goethe. A social lustre
was added by visits of the Prussian
and Austrian emperors and the Russian
czar. The 20th century brought a tragic
fate for the chateau: Part of it fell victim
Baroque dome fresco of the hospital had
to be transferred to a newly built pavilion
in the chateau park.
In addition to the reception rooms
and the Wallenstein family gallery,
you can also visit the servants quarters
and, of course, there is a museum
dedicated to Giacomo Casanova.
V–IX Tuesday–Sunday,
IV and X weekends and public
Nám!stí Republiky 9
419 01 Duchcov
Reason to visit
The original castle, expanded in the
16th century with a Renaissance chateau,
has been open to the public since 1801
and is the oldest castle museum
in Central Europe. Architecturally,
the chateau is a living textbook of artistic
Of historical interest
The ambitious European politician
and military general Albrecht von
Wallenstein won his fabulous wealth
in the Thirty Years’ War, and his base
called Terra felix – a Latin expression
meaning Happy Land. Nonetheless,
the chateau and its surroundings were
not spared the hardships of protracted
war. After Wallenstein was assassinated,
Swedish troops settled here.
In new armoury you will find
a thousand weapons, the oldest
of which are from the 12th century
and the newest ones dating from
the First WorldWar.
IV–X Tuesday–Sunday.
Zámecká 4001
464 01 Fr(dlant v &echách
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