Living folklore
and lively rural
The easternmost Czech
mountain range, located
near the border with
Slovakia, is an attractive
place to spend your holiday,
particularly due to the
unique character of the
region. As far as the eye
can see, the landscape
ismountainous and the
hillsides are coveredwith
woods andpastures, where
amiable and spiritedMoravian
Wallachiansmaintain their
original wooden cottages
and sheep huts.
When you come here, do
not hesitate to try the local
specialties: dishes from lamb
meat, sheep cheese, sweet
pastries called frgále – and
the plum distillate called
slivovice. The symbolic ruler
of the region has always been
the pagan god Radegast, from
whom the local beer takes its
Tips for
your trips
Wallachian Open-Air
Museum in Rožnov
pod Radhoštěm
The Wallachian Open-Air
Museum will show you how
people used to live in this
region of Moravia more than
100 years ago and offers you
the opportunity to sample the
best of the local cuisine.
From Pustevny
up to Radhošť Mountain
This is the most attractive
trail in the Beskydy
Mountains, where there is
truly a lot to experience. At
the top of Pustevny, you’ll
see a unique set of wooden
rustic structures designed by
the architect Dušan Jurkovič
in the Art Nouveau style
and featuring rich stylized
ornamentation. He wanted
the structures to give the
impression of Slavic folk
architecture. From Pustevny,
a comfortable trail will lead
you to the top of Radhošť
Mountain, where you’ll find
a chapel with a bronze statue
of Sts. Cyril and Methodius,
and along the way you will
pass an imposing statue
of the pagan god Radegast.
You can reach the top of
Pustevny comfortably by
cableway. Next to the upper
cableway station there is
a scooter hire service, and at
the lower cableway station is
a mountain-bike hire service.
Lysá Mountain
On a nature trail leading from
Ostravice to the highest peak
in the Beskydy Mountains,
visitors will learn about
local traditions, legends and
the natural beauty of the
region. From the top, you’ll
enjoy distant views of the
surrounding countryside.
Length 16.5 km, incline
800 m.
If you are looking for an
ideal starting point for your
hike in the mountains, look
no further than the village
of Ostravice, a typical and
distinctive Beskydy Mountain
locale, where in your down
time you can enjoy the heated
swimming pool with water
amusements for the whole
Bečva cycle path
141 kilometres of paths for
cyclists (and designated
segments for inline skaters
as well) will lead you through
a picturesque landscape
dotted with folk architecture.
Olešná Aquapark,
Even through you will never
likely experience truly hot
weather in the mountains,
you can enjoy swimming in
this outdoor water park with
heated water and a number
of water amusements. After
a strenuous hike, you can
relax here with a romantic
evening swim beneath the
What to do when it’s
Beer Spa in Štramberk
Have you ever had the
chance to ingest beer not
just through your mouth
but to absorb it through
your entire body surface?
You will get this unusual
opportunity in the Beskydy
Tatra Technical Museum
in Kopřivnice
This one-of-a-kind museum
presents the history
of the automotive factory
which in 1897 produced
one of the first automobiles
in the world – a “horseless
carriage” named the
Präsident. Here you
will see a collection
of 60 passenger and freight
vehicles – and much more.
14 Czech Mountains
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Vyšní Lhoty
pod Radhoštěm
pod Radh.
Lysá hora
cycle path
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