A climatic spa offering
wellness for body
and spirit
The JeseníkyMountains are
a great place for a holiday
combiningphysical activity
in the freshmountain air with
regeneration and relaxation
in the spa andwellness
centres in Jeseník, Karlova
Studánka, Velké Losiny and
Branná. The Karlova Studánka
spa takes pride in having the
cleanest atmosphere in all of
Central Europe.
The vast Jeseníky Mountains
are full of mountain springs.
The wells and springs issuing
from the majestic hills have
not only shaped the mountain
landscape but have also
given rise to the local spa
tradition. At the spa complex
in Karlova Studánka, you can
take full advantage of the spa
treatment, baths, massages
and relaxation in warmwater.
The nearby Jeseník Spa is
an extensive complex where
the renowned treatment
methods invented by the
spa’s founder, Vincenz
Priessnitz, are still applied.
An interesting fact is that the
first hydrotherapy facility
in the world was founded
in 1837 by an unassuming
cottager who invented
a revolutionary treatment
procedure by implementing
what he observed in nature
and then testing it on himself.
By applying the principles of
bathing in cool water, eating
a simple diet, getting sufficient
sleep and working in the fresh
air, he succeeded in restoring
health to numerous ailing
townspeople and aristocrats.
Tips for
your trips
Vincenz Priessnitz Museum,
A permanent exhibition
in family house of the spa
founder presents Priessnitz’s
treatment methods and his
remarkable life journey.
The highest mountain of
the Jeseníky range, with
a transmission tower and
restaurant, is an almost
obligatory tourist destination,
offering beautiful views in
every direction. You can
scale Praděd by bike along
an asphalt trail, but it is
definitely worth going up
on foot – and then enjoying
a thrilling ride down on
a hired scooter.
Dlouhé Stráně
(Long Slopes)
The view of the horizontally
“sliced off” peak of
Mravenečník (meaning
Anteater) Mountain above the
town of Kouty nad Desnou
is astonishing. On the top
of the flattened hill is a vast
reservoir, and inside the hill
there is a pumped-storage
hydroelectric plant, which in
2005 was ranked among the
seven wonders of the Czech
Králický Sněžník
You will enjoy the hike
through pristine nature up
to the top of this majestic
hill with neither roads nor
restaurants, which near its
peak has an almost alpine
character. An interesting fact
is that the main European
watershed can be found here.
What to do when it’s
Museum of Paper, Chateau,
and Thermal Swimming
pool in Velké Losiny
After a visit to the museum,
where you’ll learn all about
the local handmade paper,
we recommend a relaxing
dip in the thermal sulphur
baths (open daily except for
Na Pomezí Caves
in Lipová-lázně
Unfavourable weather will
never spoil a trip to a cave.
In the Jeseníky Mountains
you can visit the Na Pomezí
Caves, which have copious
12 Czech Mountains
Jesenicko region
Králicko region
stalactites, small lakes
and spacious domes.
A 400-metre tour through
the caves lasts 45 minutes.
Karlova Studánka
Kouty nad
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