for lovers of water
The countryside of the
Šumava region around the
Czech-Bavarian border
is poetic and soothing,
characterizedby deep
forests, wildmountain
rapids, lakes andmoors,
andblossoming hillsides
andpastures. Water is an
inseparable part of the
Šumava landscape.
Along the Obří důl
valley to Sněžka
The trail to the highest Czech
mountain starts in Pec pod
Sněžkou. The demanding
but beautiful hike through
the Alpine-like countryside
will reward you for your
effort with impressive views
of the Obří důl valley. You
can conserve your energy
by taking the chairlift to
Růžová hora (Pink Mountain)
or further on to Sněžka. In
2012, construction began on
a new chairlift, so check for
the latest information about
its current state of operation.
Trail of Czech-Polish
The red-marked trail along
the mountain crest is nearly
30 km long and traces the
border between the Czech
Republic and Poland. It
affords fantastic views of the
entire mountain range, deep
gorges (Sněžné jámy) and
mountain moorlands and
meadows (near the Luční
bouda chalet). The steep
ascent to Sněžka is supported
by climbing chains. There are
chalets offering refreshments
along the entire trail.
Špindlerův Mlýn
and Luční bouda
Špindlerův Mlýn is the
heart of the Krkonoše
hiking experience and is an
excellent starting point. An
adventurous trail suited to
athletic hikers follows the
red blaze up the hillsides of
Kozí hřbety (Goat Ridges),
with an impressive view of
avalanche slopes and dales
(the trail is closed in winter).
You can stop at Luční bouda
chalet, where refreshments
are available. We recommend
returning through the valley
of the Bílé Labe or past the
Výrovka chalet to Svatý Petr.
and the Mumlava valley
The Mumlava stream’s
valley is long and poetic with
waterfalls and cascades. At
the end of the valley, it is
possible to continue, with
a steep ascent, to the crest,
heading in the direction of
the Vosecká bouda chalet or
Pančavská louka (meadow).
In Harrachov, you can
enjoy a ride on the cableway
to Čertova hora (Devil’s
Mountain), passing ski jumps
which are sure to take your
breath away.
Labský důl
valley and the source
of the Labe
An extraordinarily attractive
trek through the impressive
countryside of the Labe (Elbe)
River valley ends with a steep
ascent along the waterfall and
rocks to the Labská bouda
4 Czech Mountains
What to do when it’s
Glassworks and Brew Pub,
Amuseum devoted to the
traditional manufacture
of glass. After the tour,
we recommend visiting
the adjacent brew pub,
where you can watch the
glassworks in operation
through a glass wall while
you eat. The restaurant
brews its own beer, and on
Fridays and Saturdays there
is live music.
A family outing
Foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains
Špindlerův Mlýn
This modern water park
with a wellness centre
offers enough attractions
for children and adults to fill
any rainy day.
Muzeum of Mining
(Hornické muzeum),
Put on a helmet and explore
the 1,000-metre-long shaft
of a former ore mine. You
will see, for example, the
ore hoist and mine carts.
Vltava River
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