The Czech Republic, the Country of Golf
Among foreign visitors, the Czech Republic is especially popular for its magnificent
historical monuments, with Prague being considered, not by chance, one of the most
beautiful European metropolises. Nevertheless, it is not only Prague that has great
tourist attractions to offer – our country, situated in the very heart of Europe and with
the population of about 10.5 million, is very rich in them. You will find golf courses
offering a good play near some of these monuments as well. For example, the views of
Karlštejn, the majestic castle of the Czech kings that can be enjoyed directly from the
Karlštejn course, are unforgettable.
Golf has witnessed a great upswing over the past two decades following the fall of
the communist regime, which had adversely affected this sport’s development in the
former Czechoslovakia. New golf courses are being built every year and the number
of players, especially weekend golfers, is growing.
The first golf course on the territory of the present-day Czech Republic was establi-
-shed in Karlovy Vary in 1904. The golf course in Mariánské Lázně was opened by
the King of Great Britain, Edward VII, a year after. Both courses were mostly used by
foreign spa visitors and only rarely by local players. The beginnings of truly Czech golf
relate to the activities of the Ringhoffer family just before the FirstWorldWar. In 1926,
these activities led to the founding of the first Czech golf club, Golf Club Praha, which
built its course in Prague –Motol and organized the first tournament there in 1927.
At the moment there are 93 golf courses in the Czech Republic, some of them ranking
among first-class European golf venues. This is evidenced by the fact that the Europe-
an PGA Tour tournaments were held in Čeladná in the beautiful environment of the
BeskydyMountains in 2009 and 2010.This course, just like all the other courses in the
Czech Republic, is also open to the public. It is worth visiting some of them.
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