14 Sacred Sights
The reform movement in
the Czech lands is associated
above all with Jan Hus.
His death triggered
the Hussite revolution,
whose impact extended
into neighbouring countries.
The Czech Reformation
anticipated the Reformation
elsewhere in Europe
by about a century.
Paths of fiery
and heretics
The Way of St. James
pilgrimage routes
Even from the Czech Republic
it is possible to set off towards Santiago
de Compostela along the increasingly
popular Way of St. James to take
part in a journey pilgrims have been
experiencing for centuries. Several Way
of St. James routes lead through
the Czech Republic, linking up with
routes in Germany and Austria.
The northern branch
comes from
Zbraslav near Prague and continues
to Karlštejn, Beroun, Plasy, Krkavec
hill and Stříbro to Kladruby. Then it leads
through Bělá nad Radbuzou to Železná,
where it crosses the Czech-German
border near the Park of Reconciliation
and connects with a route leading to
The southern branch
leads from
Karlštejn through Mníšek pod Brdy,
Dobříš, Příbram, Nepomuk, Klatovy
and Kdyně to the border crossing
of Všeruby/Eschlkam, and then
continues along the East Bavarian Way
of St. James in the direction
of Regensburg.
The first marked segment along
Way of St. James in Moravia
is the route from Brno to Mikulov.
It connects with the Austrian route
leading through part of the Weinviertel
(meaning “wine quarter”) region
in Lower Austria. The route was
extended in the direction of Olomouc
and up to the Polish border,
and thus traverses all of Moravia.
Holy Hill in Mikulov
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