10 Sacred Sights
Kutná Hora
The city of Kutná Hora boasts
two cathedrals. The first one
is located in the former Cistercian
monastery complex in Sedlec (more
on page 21), and the second one, the
Cathedral of St. Barbara
(Chrám sv.
Barbory), dedicated to the patron saint
of miners, is located on the west side of
the city. Both of these buildings are
a testament to the prosperity
of the silver mines and the Kutná
Hora burghers in the Middle Ages.
The foundation stone of the
Cathedral of St. Barbara was laid
in 1388, but it took 500 years
for it to be completed. The leading
artists of the time contributed
to the building’s creation. During
the Baroque period, the administration
of the cathedral was taken over
by the Jesuits, whose former college
now serves as the Gallery of the Central
Bohemia Region (GASK).
The most artistically notable part of
the Cathedral of St. Barbara was not
intended for the gaze of humans,
and its precision can be appreciated
only with binoculars. The walkways
are composed of diverse creatures,
including daemons, harpies and
winged rams. The excellent interior
acoustics provides a pleasant
atmosphere not just for contemplation
and prayer but also for regular organ
The GASK Gallery attracts visitors
interested in visual art of the 20th
and 21st centuries. Take advantage
of a combined ticket that allows you
to visit GASK, the Sedlec Ossuary,
the Cathedral of St. Barbara and
the Church of the Assumption
of the Virgin Mary.
Cathedral of Sts. Vitus,
Wenceslas and Adalbert
in Prague
The dominant building of Prague Castle,
it was dedicated to three major Czech
saints (Katedrála sv. Víta, Václava
a Vojtěcha). Construction began in 1344,
when Prague was elevated to an
archbishopric, and it was finished
in 1929.
Cathedral of St. Wenceslas
in Olomouc
Construction of the cathedral began
in 1100, and it was consecrated 31 years
later. It is among the jewels of Central
European medieval architecture.
With the height of its main tower
spanning to 100.65 metres, it has
the second largest church tower
in the Czech Republic.
The largest bell in Moravia is located
in the cathedral.
of St. Bartholomew in Plzeň
This magnificent Gothic building was
founded together with the city in the late
13th century (Katedrála sv. Bartoloměje).
It stands in the centre of Plzeň. The most
valuable and famous artistic artefact in
the church is a centuries-old statue of the
Virgin Mary (called the Pilsen Madonna)
from around 1390.
of Sts. Peter and Paul in Brno
The cathedral (Katedrála sv. Petra
a Pavla) is located in on a site where
there probably once stood a castle
and a Romanesque church. On those
foundations, an early Gothic church
was built in the 13th and 14th centuries,
which became a cathedral in 1777,
after the establishment of a bishopric
in Brno.
St. Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc
St. Barbara Cathedral in Kutná Hora
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