6 Sacred Sights
Rotunda of St. Martin
at Vyšehrad
The Rotunda of St. Martin at Vyšehrad,
built in the 11th century, is the oldest
preserved example of early Christian
architecture in Prague. With a diameter
of 6.5 metres, it is also the largest
rotunda in Prague.
Near Prague
Stará Boleslav
Stará Boleslav went down in history
as the location of the murder of the
Bohemian Prince Wenceslas, who is
regarded as a symbol of Czech statehood
and the country’s most important patron.
The saint’s murder is commemorated
at the St. Wenceslas complex.
The centrally located Church of the
Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Stará
Boleslav is associated with the palladium
of the Czech lands: a Marian icon which,
according to legend, was given
by St. Methodius to Princess Ludmila
at baptism and was part of the property
of the murdered Prince Wenceslas.
Říp Mountain is the symbol of Czech
national history. At its apex is probably
the most famous Romanesque
monument in the Czech lands,
the Rotunda of St. George. Říp is
associated with the legend of the arrival
of the Czechs’ ancestors in the country.
It is said that every Czech should climb
this mountain at least once in their life.
Since the 11th century, the territory
of today’s Czech Republic has been
part of the Western ecclesiastical
tradition. New religious orders
came to this country, bringing
with them scholarship and new
views on architecture. Monasteries
and cathedrals were built,
and the tradition began
of pilgrimages to holy places.
of pilgrims,
and architects
Břevnov Monastery
Holy Hill near Olomouc
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